Trend Micro Pioneers Integration Of Data-Loss Prevention (DLP) Across The Enterprise

Trend Micro Control Manager provides central management that's newly integrated for both data and threat protection

May 24, 2012

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CUPERTINO, Calif., May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704;TSE: 4704), the global cloud security leader, today continued to deliver on its vision that anti-threat protection (antivirus, antimalware) alone across endpoint and network infrastructure is no longer sufficient for an effective security posture, because organizations have become increasingly susceptible to accidental and malicious data leaks. Without DLP's visibility and control, high-value, sensitive information can be exfiltrated--inadvertently or on purpose--from devices and users spread across the enterprise. To combat this, Trend Micro has introduced "instant-on," integrated DLP for data-centric protection at marginal acquisition and operational cost: no extra endpoint agents, no extra servers, and no extra administrative consoles.

"Last year we announced and executed on the expansion of our data protection portfolio from endpoint to cloud. Today, Trend Micro Control Manager and integrated DLP represent the next step in our data-centric protection strategy. We're providing customers with pioneering single-click deployment of data protection policies across multiple layers of existing security infrastructure, all from a single console," said Steve Quane, Chief Product Officer, Trend Micro.

Control Manager combined with integrated DLP ties data and threat protection together at the client, the server, and the gateway, making possible the creation, application and enforcement of both data- and threat-protection policies across the enterprise from a central point.

"A separate data protection infrastructure requires separate personnel, separate training, separate reporting and compliance regimes, and separate deployment, so choosing a low-impact integrated way to achieve data protection on the endpoint and in the network is critical," said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, IT-Harvest. "As advanced persistent threats target particular information within the organization, the APT defenses and data protection methodologies need to converge. Combining all of these elements in a comprehensive data protection regime achieves content control without the expense and implementation issues of today's current overlay DLP solutions. Everyone says AV alone is not enough - now Trend Micro through integrated DLP and central management has made the combination of threat and data protection a simple matter of turning on license keys."


The combination of Trend Micro Control Manager and Trend Micro's innovative integrated DLP simplifies rollouts by minimizing complexity and operational cost, with no need to build a separate security layer or data protection infrastructure. The result is rapid identification and response for compliance status, policy violations, and operational status. Pre-defined regional and industry-specific policy templates provide a quick start for customers most impacted by data privacy and compliance, such as healthcare, finance and PCI.

Data-centric protection integrated across the enterprise

-- Enables improved, cross-product data protection -- Delivers consistent policy enforcement -- Eliminates additional infrastructure -- Saves time, money and resources Central policy management for data and threat protection

-- Streamlines administration of both through single console -- Automates policy deployment -- Provides increased consistency across the infrastructure -- Lowers cost, complexity and management overhead Enterprise-wide visibility

-- Provides cross-product central dashboard, updates, and alerts -- Improves incident response and handling -- Improved understanding of security posture -- Scalable for growth KEY FEATURES

Web-based Central Security Management Console Customizable Dashboard Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network(TM) Threat Statistics Customizable Reporting, Ad Hoc Query and Configurable Alerts

"We've been talking about enterprise DLP for years yet adoption is very low," said Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "DLP is needed now more than ever, but DLP technology needs to adapt to bridge the implementation gap.DLP has been so difficult to build as a stand-alone infrastructure. The architecture needs to change to provide integrated layers of protection, centrally managed and easily deployed."


Pricing starts at US$21.12 per user for 500 users, including one year of standard support. Additional discounts are available for higher-volume purchases. Integrated DLP plug-in modules are available immediately to current Trend Micro customers, with Trend Micro Control Manager included as part of the Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite. Trend Micro Control Manager supports central management of DLP plug-in modules for Trend Micro(TM) OfficeScan(TM), Trend Micro(TM) ScanMail(TM), and Trend Micro(TM) InterScan(TM) Messaging Security.

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