Trend Micro Announces New Web Gateway Security Solution

Web Gateway Security solution integrates the InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 5.0 product and the new Advanced Reporting and Management module

September 1, 2009

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Cupertino, Calif. " August 31, 2009 " Enterprises are ready for a Web gateway security product that not only prioritizes security, but brings extensive capabilities together in one solution; a security product that effectively manages employees' Internet use while in the office, but also exceeds basic URL filtering to address zero-hour attacks through Web reputation " all without breaking the bank.

Trend Micro makes this possible with the launch of its Web Gateway Security solution, which integrates the InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 5.0 product and the new Advanced Reporting and Management module for a complete solution set that is powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, an in-the-cloud source for threat intelligence. Combined with on-premise, high-performance malware scanning, policy administration, and dynamic reporting, Trend Micro Web Gateway Security provides the most comprehensive and responsive security solution for the Web gateway, along with the lowest total cost of ownership. It also includes leading antivirus and anti-spyware technologies to clean, delete or quarantine infected content.

Now Organizations Can Answer Difficult Internet-Use Questions: Who?, What?, When?, How? and Where? The integrated Advanced Reporting and Management module gives customers unprecedented visibility into their entire company's Web activities, and provides access to real-time information at a very granular level. The reality is that more and more legitimate Web sites are being hacked; just because it looks safe, doesn't always mean it is. Employees using the Internet for business, or personal "online errands" such as shopping, banking or social networking while still in the office could be opening doors for cybercriminals determined to steal proprietary data for illegal profits.

For IT managers, this is troublesome. In a recent Trend Micro survey of nearly 200 high-level IT executives, 75 percent of them admitted that they were concerned about unauthorized online activities at work. Nearly 70 percent of them would go as far as prohibiting, to an extent, from accessing certain Web sites such as shopping sites and social media sites.

With Advanced Reporting and Management, IT managers gain clarity into employees' Internet activities through dynamic dashboards, real-time monitoring, forensic-level user activity analysis, and drill-down reporting so that threats are exposed faster, allowing IT to respond more quickly.

They get insight into where malware is coming from, who's spending large amounts of time browsing non-work related sites (and therefore compromising productivity), when they're doing it, who's responsible for slowing down the network as it's occurring, and much more. And as a software virtual appliance, it fits the growing trend toward standardized hardware and virtualization.

"Our business is 100 percent reliant on the Internet, but with our previous security solutions we could not effectively enforce our company's Web policies," said Rudy Dellafiore, IT manager for Bass Underwriters, a leading independent professional services company. "The switch to Trend Micro allowed us to get our employees' Web behavior under control. We can see what sites are being visited and impose controls that employees cannot circumvent."

New Features of InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 5.0 InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance delivers comprehensive gateway protection against Web threats by consolidating URL filtering with real-time Web reputation (both of which consistently beat out competitors in independent tests), and powerful content scanning. The solution allows customers to either dedicate their own standardized hardware to the application, or install in a VMware environment with other applications. New features within the latest release include: - The ability to scan HTTPS traffic and create exception policies based on specific sites or categories of sites to support privacy requirements - Flexible URL filtering policy engine that supports capabilities such as custom URL categories, exceptions and file type whitelisting. - Object-level blocking, which secures Web 2.0 Web pages by providing more granular enforcement of policy without blocking the entire page. - Support for Google and Yahoo!'s SafeSearch feature to prevent inappropriate content from appearing in search results. - Support for directory-based user identification while deployed in transparent bridge. This deployment mode allows all Internet traffic to be analyzed without having to reconfigure users' browsers or other network devices in the environment.

"Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance has greatly reduced our network utilization, from 95 percent down to 35 percent of capacity, because of the effective blocking of access to inappropriate music and video downloading sites," said Dellafiore.

"Not only are most Web gateway security solutions not doing enough to stop Web threats, they have very high management costs," said David Lieberman, gateway and collaboration director at Trend Micro. "Trend Micro Web Gateway Security gives customers better protection, more flexibility and lower total costs. Enterprise customers should not have to spend a great deal to receive superior security protection " value and quality ought to go hand in hand."

North American Pricing & Availability Trend Micro Web Gateway Security is available immediately. New customers who buy Trend Micro Web Gateway Security get InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance v5 and the Trend Micro Advanced Reporting and Management together. Existing customers will be able to upgrade to InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance and/or Advanced Reporting and Management.

Pricing varies by seat count and decreases with volume. For the 2001-5000 seat level, Trend Micro Web Gateway Security license price for new customers is $17.98 per user, with a 3 year cost being $28.77 per user.

About Trend Micro Enterprise Security Trend Micro Web Gateway Security is part of Trend Micro Enterprise Security " a tightly integrated offering of content security products, services and solutions which is powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Trend Micro Enterprise Security delivers immediate protection from emerging threats while greatly reducing the cost and complexity of security management.

The Smart Protection Network combines cloud-based file, Web and email reputation technologies, feedback loops and the expertise of TrendLabsSM security researchers to provide the continuous real-time threat detection and protection services that power Trend Micro Enterprise Security solutions.

About Trend Micro: Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in Internet content security, focuses on securing the exchange of digital information for businesses and consumers. A pioneer and industry vanguard, Trend Micro is advancing integrated threat management technology to protect operational continuity, personal information, and property from malware, spam, data leaks and the newest Web threats. Visit TrendWatch at to learn more about the latest threats. Trend Micro's flexible solutions, available in multiple form factors, are supported 24/7 by threat intelligence experts around the globe. Many of these solutions are powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, a next generation cloud-client content security infrastructure designed to protect customers from Web threats. A transnational company, with headquarters in Tokyo, Trend Micro's trusted security solutions are sold through its business partners worldwide. Please visit

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