TITUS: Can Organizations Keep Sensitive Data Secure While Embracing The Cloud?

Company introduces enterprise cloud data security solutions

February 29, 2012

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 28, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- TITUS, a leading provider of enterprise information security and compliance solutions, today introduced their enterprise cloud data security solutions at RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco.

Enterprises and government organizations are shifting their IT infrastructures to a cloud computing model in an effort to lower costs and drive operational efficiencies. However, security considerations have made many organizations reluctant to leverage this potential. TITUS has been working closely with a number of our enterprise and government customers -- listening to their requirements to ensure that their cloud security mandates are being met. Information classification is the first line of defense for securing valuable information in the cloud, because you can't protect something if you don't first know its value.

TITUS Cloud Data Security solutions can protect information both in the cloud and on-premises. By involving end users, organizations can be sure to maintain control of their sensitive information. Through the use of policies driven by identifying and classifying email and documents, TITUS Cloud Data Security solutions allow organizations to control the flow of sensitive data between the enterprise and cloud.

"With users classifying email and documents before they leave the desktop and move to the cloud, critical data can be prevented from being read by unauthorized users, or in some circumstances even blocked from crossing to the cloud at all," said Stephane Charbonneau, Chief Technology Officer with TITUS. "This also helps to ensure that the handling of data is in line with compliance requirements, and a well-documented audit trail is created."

The TITUS Classification family of products classify, label, and protectively marks emails in Outlook and Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as any file on the Windows desktop. With our cloud solutions, users can work in their familiar Microsoft Office environment, classifying and protectively marking emails and documents on the desktop while they work.

TITUS Cloud Data Security solutions fully support Microsoft Office 365. Classification metadata and protective markings are maintained when emails and documents are transmitted to and from the cloud, and enable fine grained control over your security policies and their application to your organization's information. These solutions also work in conjunction with Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Government offerings.

Hybrid Cloud Environment

In a hybrid cloud environment, where some infrastructure is cloud-based and some is in-house, TITUS Cloud Data Security solutions can prevent specific emails and documents from being sent into the cloud infrastructure based on the sensitivity of the content. By allowing users to identify the sensitivity of their information through classification, TITUS can help protect the most sensitive information. This allows organizations to maintain control of and protect their most important information, regardless of who owns the cloud. Based on the classification, TITUS can prevent emails, documents or any file from being sent to untrusted cloud email addresses.

The Importance of Metadata

TITUS Cloud Data Security solutions embed metadata into every email and Microsoft Office document. With users classifying the sensitivity of their information, this metadata can trigger other security solutions to ensure the proper protection of information as it flows through the organization, the cloud, or both. Embedded metadata provides machine readable classification and uniquely identifies each document and email, enabling work flow and traceability on all of your organizations important information.

TITUS Classification metadata enhances security solutions such as:

-- Encryption - Desired classification selections can be configured to automatically trigger encryption or rights management protection. This ensures protection of an organization's valuable information being sent and residing in the cloud.

-- DLP and email gateway - TITUS Classification metadata enhances both cloud and on-premise DLP and perimeter solutions by enabling these solutions to make more effective, deliberate policy decisions to protect information. These solutions can read TITUS Classification metadata, and immediately understand the level of sensitivity given to every piece of information given by its creators.


TITUS is the leading provider of security and compliance software that helps organizations share information securely while meeting policy and compliance requirements. Our solutions enable military, government, and large enterprises to classify information and meet regulatory compliance by visually alerting end users to the sensitivity of information. Products include TITUS Classification, the leading message, document and file classification and labeling solutions that enhance data loss prevention by involving end users in identifying sensitive information; and the TITUS family of classification and security solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. TITUS solutions are deployed to over 1.5 million users within our over 300 military, government and enterprise customers worldwide, including Dow Corning, United States Air Force, NATO, G4S, Paternoster, Pratt and Whitney, Canadian Department of National Defence, Australian Department of Defence, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For more information, visit www.titus.com and the TITUS Data Security and Compliance blog.

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