Tata Communications Launches Global DDoS Protection

DDoS Detection and Mitigation service monitors traffic across a network and then ‘scrubs’ the data

September 7, 2011

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September 7, 2011 - Tata Communications, a leading provider of a new world of communications, today launches its network-agnostic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, globally. Delivered over a cloud-based infrastructure, Tata Communications’ DDoS Detection and Mitigation services will now be available to any enterprise that depends on its internet availability to serve customers, suppliers, partners and other stake-holders – regardless of which service provider supplies it with internet connectivity.

DDoS attacks are caused by thousands of globally distributed internet-based ‘bots’* flooding target websites with such a high volume of traffic that genuine users can no longer visit. They can affect any organisation that has an online presence. These increasingly frequent attacks can be driven by crime, malice, espionage or even national security issues and typically, prevents organisations from conducting business over the Internet.

The DDoS solution from Tata Communications constantly monitors traffic patterns across a network, detects attacks against a customer’s internet-facing infrastructure and then ‘scrubs’ the data, discarding attack traffic while ensuring that legitimate traffic can reach the intended infrastructure. This allows the customer’s business to stay online and fully operational throughout an attack.

“Tata Communications operates the largest DDoS scrubbing infrastructure built into any carrier’s backbone. We are also one of the largest ISPs in the world,” says Adam Rice, Chief Security Officer and Vice President of Managed Security Services, Tata Communications. “With this scale, we have successfully defended every DDoS attack levied against our customers. By expanding our offering to be network agnostic, we’re now making the capability available to a much larger community - a community that requires access to a high-capacity infrastructure where their traffic can be scrubbed rather than black-holed.”

As one of the largest global internet service providers Tata Communications is always able to route customer traffic through regional DDoS scrubbing centers. For customers facing extreme circumstances, Tata Communications’ service can – and has been – activated in less than 24 hours. It fends off DDoS attacks on corporate infrastructure so effectively that visitors to the affected sites do not even notice a difference in response from the web site and applications.

“We are delighted that Tata Communications has leveraged the Arbor Networks infrastructure to offer a network agnostic option for DDoS protection,” says Colin Doherty, President, Arbor Networks. “With DDoS attacks being such a real threat to businesses and countries around the world, all efforts to expand the number of anti-DDoS solutions available are extremely welcome.”

To meet the needs of its diverse customer segments, Tata Communications offers several pricing structures so that customers can achieve their preferred balance of protection in relation to suitable cost:

Usage-based pricing for customers that expect attacks to be extremely infrequent

Good track-record discounts for customers at low-risk which have experienced very low attack volumes over an extended period of time

Capped pricing, designed for customers that require cost-effective DDoS services across a steadily growing internet infrastructure

Tata Communications delivers a full range of monitored and managed security solutions that are backed by aggressive, performance-based, Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The services are overseen by an experienced, globally-distributed support team using state-of-the-art systems, processes and tools.

For further information regarding Tata Communications’ managed security services, please visit: www.tatacommunications.com.

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