Syncplicity Security and Compliance Console enables native support for single sign-on

December 15, 2011

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MENLO PARK, Calif., Dec 14, 2011 – Syncplicity, a leader in cloud-based file management solutions for businesses, today announced availability of the Security and Compliance Console. The new Security and Compliance Console gives companies and their IT Administrators:

-- Centralized control over which devices -- either computers or mobile -- inside or outside the company may be used to access, sync and share files and folders, along with tracking of the sync and sharing of corporate data for compliance purposes

-- Easy enforcement of data retention policies, enabling shared files and folders to be automatically and permanently deleted from user devices when that information is un-shared with a user, whether they are an employee, contractor or anyone outside of the company

-- The ability to remote wipe any user's account, their individual computers or mobile devices of all corporate data managed under Syncplicity associated with a user or particular device, in the event a device is lost, an employee is terminated, a contractor is finished with their assignment, or for any other information compliance reason

-- Scalable enterprise-wide deployment with optional 2-factor authentication and single-sign on. The Syncplicity Security and Compliance Console enables native support for single sign-on (SSO) against any SAML or OpenID based federated identity provider to enable use of existing credentials such as Active Directory/LDAP, Google Apps, and OneLogin.

With Syncplicity, users get their own secure Virtual Private Cloud where they use the applications, files and folders they are used to. File changes, no matter where they happen, are automatically synced across all their computers, available in cloud and on-premise applications, accessible on their mobile devices, backed up with version control, and easily shareable with colleagues. Syncplicity delivers unparalleled convenience and protection because users do not have to think ahead about moving or storing files from where they already keep them to get all the benefits Syncplicity offers.

Now, businesses of all sizes can deploy cloud-based file sync, mobile access, sharing and back up that gives users access to all the files they need while giving IT administrators the centralized tools they require to protect corporate assets and dramatically reduce infrastructure and support costs.

"Consumerization and mobility are driving a growing need for online file sharing and collaboration solutions," said Terri McClure, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "IT needs to address security and control up front to better enable the mobile workforce. Solutions like Syncplicity, that meet the combination of IT requirements for centralized administration and security with end user requirements for ease of access and use are well positioned to truly enable IT to offer its user base a secure mobility solution. IT would be well served to get in front of this trend proactively rather than waiting to get dragged in once its users have made their own personal bets on preferred services."

"Syncplicity has simplified our process and given us versioned and secure backups that can be restored without IT intervention," said Garret Dunne, vice president of operations at Mediative, a Yellow Pages Group Company. "In a recent situation, a team member who was traveling was able to instantly restore critical project files using his iPhone. It saved the day."

"Corporate IT wants a file sync and sharing solution that make life easier for their workforce, without compromising the security of corporate information or driving up costs. Customers tell us they are saving over 65% and even more important, reducing support tickets up to 75% when they deploy Syncplicity for easy cloud-based file management and sharing instead of on-premise file servers and VPN environments," said Jeff Schultz, Syncplicity Chief Marketing Officer. "The new Syncplicity Security and Compliance Console gives companies even more powerful tools to help their users work smarter across their computers, mobile phones and tablets, without sacrificing the security and policy requirements of their business."

Protect against unauthorized data sharing

Business users work on numerous computers, mobile devices, on-premise file servers, and apps such as SharePoint, Google Docs and Salesforce. They need to have their files seamlessly available to them wherever they work, and need to be able to easily share those files with colleagues inside and outside their business. However, without controls, security and transparency, this could lead to business risk. Syncplicity Business Edition provides unique user and IT features to enable file sync, access and sharing while protecting business data.

-- Businesses can establish enterprise-wide policies for allowing or restricting the sharing of corporate folders and files to users outside the company

-- IT can access an Administration Console to monitor all folders that have been shared with users inside or outside the business, for supporting users, meeting compliance requirements, and helping protect the company and its employees against unauthorized sharing and synchronization of information

-- Users and Admins can control who can see and edit shared files by setting customized permissions on each folder, allowing them control over who can see and change files. Also, shared folder recipients can't permanently delete shared files, so data can't be lost through an accidental deletion by a colleague.

Enforce security and compliance

Syncplicity Business Edition works with a business' existing security infrastructure and provides centralized controls that help enforce data retention and deletion policies. Organizations bound by regulations such as HIPAA and other industry requirements, or their own internal document retention policies, can deploy Syncplicity.

-- Centralized policy management enables IT Administrators to protect company files from being shared improperly, both internally and externally

-- Active Directory and LDAP support enables single-sign on and can be used to enforce 2-factor authentication where desired

-- IT Administrators can enforce internal and external document retention policies with Syncplicity's new Remote Wipe Policies -- folders can be permanently removed from a user's MacOS, Windows, and mobile devices automatically when access to a folder is revoked either by the owner or an Administrator

-- Administrators can remotely wipe data on all user's computers, mobile devices and externally shared folders if needed

-- Policies can be established for allowing or restricting access to any Syncplicity managed data from any computer running the Syncplicity client or web browser, outside the business domain or by IP subnet

Ease support and deployment headaches

Traditional on-premise file servers can create a significant cost burden due to the complexity of end-user security and access procedures, especially with the growing requirement to provide access and collaboration on files via mobile devices. Consumer-oriented file sync and sharing services can create a substantial support burden for IT Administrators because they have no visibility into what users are doing or if information security compliance requirements are being met. They also have no way to access and support accounts and do not have any way to take action on even the most routine trouble tickets (inability to access data, lost data, performance, etc.). Syncplicity Business Edition supports or replaces existing infrastructure and lowers support costs in several critical ways:

-- IT Administrators can use Syncplicity's remote help desk features to easily support users

-- Users can restore their own lost or accidentally deleted files, folders and data from the cloud, without the need for IT to get involved

-- A company can monitor all shared folders and files from users and can remotely access their accounts to help resolve any support issues, including helping them learn how to restore lost or corrupt files

-- SAML and OpenID-based Single Sign-on for Active Directory, LDAP and other access methods reduces the burden of forgotten user passwords, makes it easier for users and eases enterprise-wide user provisioning, de-provisioning, deployment and set up

-- IT can easily respond to user requests to wipe data from lost or stolen mobile devices and computers and permanently delete files in both internally and externally shared folders, enhancing security and reducing support costs

-- Administrators can auto-configure numerous setup options for users, reducing reliance on users to configure their preferences to meet corporate standards

-- On-premise file servers can be configured to sync to user's computers and are accessible across mobile devices automatically, giving users access to critical corporate files on SharePoint or other file servers, without grappling with VPN's

Cost and Availability The Syncplicity Security and Compliance Console is available immediately and is included in the cost of a Syncplicity Business Edition Account. Syncplicity Business Edition starts at $45/month for three users and can be scaled to meet the need of any size business, supporting unlimited users, storage, files, folders, and any file size.

About Syncplicity Inc. Syncplicity is a leading provider of file management and storage solutions in the cloud, offering instant synchronization, mobile access, backup, file sharing and collaboration in one integrated solution. Based in Menlo Park, California, Syncplicity offers solutions for both business and individual users. For more information, visit

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