Symark Launches PowerSeries Management Console For Privileged Access

PSMC 1.0 integrates with Symark PowerBroker 6.0, enabling automated workflows for privileged policy creation and approval, among other features

July 16, 2009

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Agoura Hills, Calif. — July 13, 2009 — Symark International, developer of the PowerSeries identity and access management solutions for heterogeneous IT environments, today announced the launch of the PowerSeries Management Console (PSMC) 1.0, the new unifying platform central to Symark's strategy of enabling the automation of privileged access lifecycle management in heterogeneous IT environments. The new console integrates with Symark PowerBroker 6.0, enabling automated workflows for privileged policy creation and approval, aggregation and review of event logs and audit data, distributed policy change management, and automated policy propagation in large scale deployments. This integration helps customers to achieve robust security and compliance, while tremendously simplifying the manageability of large superuser privileged management deployments.

"In the current economic climate, the need for effective management of privileges to mission critical corporate assets is more important as IT budgets are under increased pressure," said Scott Crawford, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. "Symark's new management console provides a cost effective means for managing the privileged access lifecycle more securely while actually reducing management complexity."

The privileged access management lifecycle involves policy creation, reporting and change management for access, control and remediation of privileged resources. PSMC provides a web-based interface that consolidates all policies, roles and log data from Symark's PowerBroker 6.0, into a convenient centralized management console. Through PSMC, administrators can easily manage policy configuration, enforcement, deployment and refinement, as well as logging and reporting to meet their security, audit support and compliance needs. Key features for PSMC include:

  • eWorkflow: The new eWorkflow capabilities provide automated configurable workflows, including role-based access control (RBAC), to support security and compliance requirements. eWorkflow enables: -- Provisioning and approvals for privileged access through PowerBroker 6.0, including role-based access control (RBAC) to support segregation of duties. -- Event and I/O log reviews and approvals, that provide immediate and enhanced security and compliance awareness.

    • Graphical policy editor: The PSMC provides a new Graphical policy editor for PowerBroker users that have limited Unix expertise (e.g. helpdesk professionals), enabling federation of policy change management to reduce administrative costs and accommodate flexible workflows.

    • Automated policy propagation: The PSMC enables policy changes to be automatically updated across multiple PowerBroker 6.0 installations, reducing the cost of managing deployments in complex environments.

    • Centralized logging: The PSMC enables time-serialized log aggregation across multiple PowerBroker 6.0 installations to present a chronological trail of events, unifying reporting and simplifying audit support requirements.

      In the future, PSMC will extend similar functionality to other Symark and third party products, providing a centralized point of policy creation, incident monitoring and change control for privileged access across multiple systems and devices.

      "Until now, customers have encountered complexities in implementing privileged user controls across large, heterogeneous IT deployments that have inhibited large scale adoption of superuser privileged management solutions," said Roberto Pachi, owner of CRAG Partners, a reseller of Symark's PowerSeries range of products. "The new PowerSeries Management Console from Symark elegantly bridges that gap, and gives our customers a way to realize the benefits of full enterprise-wide superuser privileged management solution deployments."

      "The release of the PowerSeries Management Console solves a critical customer need for simple and cost-effective management of privileged user controls in complex environments, specifically through the integration with Symark's PowerBroker 6.0," said John Mutch, CEO of Symark. "At the same time, it lays the foundation for multiple product growth opportunities for Symark, all in the context of our expertise in helping customers with their privileged access lifecycle management."

      PowerBroker protects the root account used by IT administrators by binding specific tasks to the privileged account, without ever disclosing the root password. PowerBroker also offers comprehensive and reliable reporting, including the ability to report on user entitlements, addressing one of today's more pressing issues for enterprise compliance and control. PowerBroker allows users to perform tasks across multiple targets simultaneously, and is readily deployed with rapid time to productivity. Completely non-intrusive, the software reduces the risk of accidental damage, theft of digital assets, or malicious activities, without altering or disrupting the operating system—a practice that can violate software and systems warranties.

      General availability for PSMC 1.0 and PowerBroker 6.0 will be September 25, 2009. For pricing and information about Symark's early access program, please contact Symark at +1 (818) 575-4000 or via email at [email protected].

      About Symark Founded in 1985, Symark is the leading provider of security administration solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. Symark PowerBroker' enables granular delegation of administrative privileges while restricting Unix/Linux root account access. Symark PowerPassword', User Management Edition provides Unix/Linux user account management along with login and password security policies. Symark PowerKeeper' provides storage and secure access of administrative passwords for multiple servers, applications, and network devices. All three products offer central administration and detailed audit logs. Symark offers extensive expertise in enterprise computing security, and its products are backed by unmatched technical support. For more information, visit us at

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