Solera Networks Releases OS 5.0

Solera OS 5.0 has more than 200 new features

June 8, 2011

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Salt Lake City, UT – June. 7, 2011 – Solera Networks, a leading network forensics products company, today released Solera OS 5.0, a revolution in network forensics that arms security professionals with easy-to-use Network Security Analytics (NSA) to overcome today’s threats. Major network security breaches at leading companies headline recent news and provide glaring evidence that most networks are defenseless against today’s threat landscape. Solera OS 5.0 meets the urgent need for IT security to see everything happening on the network in real-time, clearly and immediately recognize threats, and understand exactly what’s needed to mitigate future attacks.

“We are in a new threat environment, which became clear sixteen to eighteen months ago with the early Aurora breaches,” said Steve Shillingford, President and CEO of Solera Networks. “Since then, attackers have honed in on targets using ultra-sophisticated methods, while most defenders have languished, continuing to follow a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ approach to security. This release of Solera OS 5.0 has been met with a flood of customer anticipation as organizations arrive at the realization that their networks are being breached every day, if not every hour. Often coming to us with a sense of urgency and helplessness, organizations quickly abandon their fear of the unknown once they see how network forensics empowers them to meet the aggressors head-on.”

Today’s threats are persistent, low-lying, multi-vector onslaughts that succeed one way or another to breach and compromise the best-defended networks. Effectively protecting organizations from the damaging effects of these concerted attacks requires Networks Forensics (NF) and constant network surveillance to see and know everything happening on the network. Solera OS 5.0 powers every Solera DS Appliance and makes NF usable—moving beyond dated packet capture and network sniffing tools to revealing actionable evidence delivered in intuitive graphical views in an instant. Nefarious actions to steal data, compromise users, or hijack network resources are clearly revealed through the intuitive interface, thereby enabling swift incident response, remediation, and fortification. Solera OS 5.0 has more than two hundred new features, including:

A completely redesigned DeepSee' UI that makes security event investigations a snap Application classification that recognizes and indexes more than 530 applications—leading the competition by several hundred applications Geolocation and Google Earth' integration to map all sessions and traffic patterns to intuitively pinpoint suspicious activity DeepSee Active Reporting to instantly deliver query results and eliminate wasted investigation time waiting for reports DeepSee Media Panel built into Solera OS for quick viewing of all images crossing the network to effectively enforce acceptable use policy

“Between 2010’s Operation Aurora, Stuxnet and the ongoing escalation of WikiLeaks and Anonymous events and 2011’s Breach-a-Week of even Security Vendors, it should be clear that ‘best practices’ aren’t – and ‘good enough security’ isn’t,” said Joshua Corman, Research Director for Enterprise Security at The 451 Group, an analyst firm focused on Innovation. “Adaptive Persistent Adversaries require adaptive persistent defenses. Enterprises need to invest in greater visibility and agility. We need to see more sooner and support a prompt and agile response.”

“Our high-profile customers realize that they are going to be exploited at some point,” said Dave Nett, Vice President of secure systems integrator SNR Systems. “Understanding the overall scope and exposure of an incident is imperative. Without a product that provides the full visibility of your enterprise traffic, you simply can’t know. We can trudge through log data all day, but in the end that only gives us a rough sketch. Getting instant results because all traffic is captured and classified provides the situational awareness that allows you to answer the question that senior management wants to know – How bad was it? We’ve had this ever since we started testing Solera OS 5.0 in our labs.”

Solera Networks is offering a 30-day trial of all these features through the Virtual Appliance Download at:

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