SNARE SIEM Server Version 6.0 Includes a Comprehensive Query Builder And Modern Browser User Interface

Allows for custom configuration of agent event log objective-setting and monitoring capabilities

March 6, 2013

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Littleton, CO – March 6, 2013 The newly released Version 6.0 of the SNARE Server brings a range of new functionality and ease of use with simplified navigation, a dynamic point-and-click web browser interface, drag & drop menus, pop-up windows, tabbed pages, and interactive updates. SNARE Server Version 6.0 takes the complexity out of security information and event management (SIEM), while still providing deep configuration and log inspection facilities.

The SNARE Server is used to define, administer and monitor complex security objectives with a simple web interface in an easy-to-use language. The SNARE Server allows for custom configuration of agent event log objective-setting and monitoring capabilities, including: logins/logoffs, password expiration, as well as unauthorized access to computer systems, sensitive files, account privileges and the Internet.

The SNARE Server has the ability to monitor user and system activity on enterprise networks. It can receive event log data directly from a wide variety of operating systems, routers, firewalls, switches, application servers, authentication systems and arbitrary syslog sources. Hardware and software that utilize the industry standard syslog protocol can send log event data directly to the SNARE Server. The SNARE Server can collect from a very wide range of log-producing applications with the assistance of the SNARE and Epilog agents for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, and other Unix operating systems.

SNARE Server Version 6.0 features include:

Tailored Objectives

User/Group Administration

Agent Configuration and Checking

Agent Remote Control

IOS Access Controls

Click-Through Detailed Analysis

PIX Firewall Reporting

Network Device Reporting

Email Reporting

The SNARE Server includes over 100 different reports, spread among a wide range of categories, including administrative activity, sensitive file monitoring, user login activity, web proxy access, firewall and router monitoring, user and group checks and many more. Comprehensive reports can be viewed from the web interface interactively and/or automatically emailed to security individuals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. SNARE Agents for Windows and MS-SQL Agents are available with the SNARE Server or can stand alone and support 3rd party SIEM solutions. To request a trial, documentation or a price quote for the server or agents, go to:

About SNARE Alliance, LLC

SNARE Alliance is a security software value added sales and service organization and an authorized supplier of SNARE Servers and Enterprise Agents in the United States. SNARE Alliance offers fast and cost effective ways to learn about and purchase SNARE software and support. SNARE software purchased through SNARE Alliance includes an annual maintenance agreement and customer service support. SNARE Alliance is backed by product licensing, software maintenance and second level technical support from Intersect Alliance, the author and architect of SNARE. To learn more, visit:

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