Skybox Security Releases Data On Its Approach To Vulnerability Management

Results came from analysis of customer deployments and customer lab tests

June 27, 2013

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San Jose, CA, June 25, 2013 – Skybox Security, the leading provider of risk analytics for cyber security, today announced results that show customers using Skybox Risk Control for vulnerability management can complete vulnerability discovery, analysis, and remediation tasks in a large enterprise environment in a single work day, and complete vulnerability discovery at least 50 times faster compared to traditional vulnerability assessment with an active scanner. Results came from analysis of customer deployments and customer lab tests.

The Skybox vulnerability management solution, based on Skybox Risk Control, continuously monitors the attack surface and critical vectors, feeding vulnerability data into automated risk-based prioritization and remediation. This allows security teams to remediate critical vulnerabilities immediately, sealing off vulnerabilities that could lead to intrusion or data breach.

Through 2015, Gartner expects 80% of successful attacks will exploit well-known vulnerabilities and be detectable via security monitoring, according to the August 30, 2012 report Adapting Vulnerability Management to Advanced Threats. "The goal should be 'continuous assessment' – this process should not be thought of as a yearly audit."

Enterprises and government agencies using the Skybox vulnerability management solution report breakthrough results – setting new standards and establishing high benchmarks for completeness, speed, and accuracy of their vulnerability management process:

• Achievement of nearly 100% reporting accuracy every day, with no disruption

• Reduction of vulnerability false positives to near zero levels

• Detection of 100,000 vulnerabilities within hours of deploying the Skybox vulnerability management solution

• Effective reduction of risk for the first time

• Metrics and dashboards providing security teams the information they need to justify additional security resources

Additionally, Skybox lab testing has validated that the vulnerability management solution provides:

· Vulnerability assessment at speeds of 12,000 hosts per hour, compared to 250 hosts/hour rate typical with a traditional active scanner

· Vulnerability intelligence covering 90% of the network in less than one day, compared to traditional vulnerability management processes that take 30-90 days to cover 50% of the network

· Risk-based vulnerability analytics that reduce vulnerability data by 99% and deliver actionable remediation options to patch or shield vulnerabilities

· Compliance with the internal scanning requirements for PCI DSS 6.2, which requires identification, risk ranking, and timely remediation of all 'high' ranked vulnerabilities

Traditional vulnerability management is dependent on active scanners for vulnerability discovery, which can cause significant disruption to internal networks. In a large network with thousands of hosts, scans generate tens or hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities, presenting security analysts with an impossible prioritization task and elongating the vulnerability window of exposure by many weeks.

"This leaves organizations with a tough trade-off between the management headaches of vulnerability scanning and analysis, versus potential cyber-attacks inflicted by APTs, malware, cyber criminals, and other sorts of threats," said Gidi Cohen, CEO at Skybox Security. "Security teams compensate by adopting 'round robin' scanning and analysis of a small portion of the network each week. Skybox offers the first solution that ensures a complete and up-to-date picture of the fast-changing attack surface – raising the bar against attacks, every day."

The Skybox vulnerability management solution is available in Risk Control 6.5. To learn more please visit www.skyboxsecurity.comor

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Skybox Security, Inc. provides the most powerful risk analytics for cyber security, giving security management and operations the tools they need to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business data and services. Skybox solutions provide a context-aware view of the network and risks that drives effective vulnerabilityand threatmanagement, firewall management, and continuous compliance monitoring. Organizations in Financial Services, Government, Energy, Defense, Retail, and Telecommunications rely on Skybox Security every day for automated, integrated security management solutions that lower risk exposure and optimize security management processes. For more information visit:

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