Sentrigo Rolls Out Version 3.5 Of Hedgehog

New version includes Application Mapping, which helps admins develop rules and build out a customized security policy to meet risk and compliance requirements

November 9, 2009

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.—November 9, 2009—Sentrigo, Inc. the innovator in database security software, today announced the latest version of its flagship product, the Hedgehog Enterprise database activity monitoring and intrusion prevention solution, for leading database management systems. The new version incorporates features that allow for easier and faster deployment of highly customized security and audit policies aimed at protecting sensitive information so that organizations can meet their risk and compliance requirements.

The most significant enhancement being introduced in this new release of Hedgehog Enterprise is Application Mapping, which collects information on databases as well as the applications and users that access them, and then provides administrators with a simple interface to turn these findings into rules. While large enterprise organizations deploy granular rules to ensure that access to databases at every level is restricted to only authorized users and systems, it can be extremely difficult to identify every potential use case. Application Mapping simplifies this process by allowing administrators to use automation and statistical data to build out a customized, granular security policy quickly and seamlessly, typically in a matter of weeks.

A February 2009 report from independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc., cited that database security challenges have grown over the years. According to the report, Market Overview: Database Security, "DBAs don't know where sensitive data is stored. Enterprises today have hundreds and thousands of production databases to support various business applications. Many enterprise DBAs are unaware of which databases, tables, and columns contain sensitive data, either because these are legacy applications and/or because no documentation of the data models and their properties exists."

Application Mapping was designed to simplify the security/audit policy creation without the risks and limitations involved with base-lining and other learning techniques that normally fail in production environments . These types of tools only look for anomalies, and can miss potential threats that may be occurring already, and also frequently issue unnecessary alerts on activity that may be authorized, but was not present during the data gathering process. Application Mapping utilizes automated techniques to understand activity; it then leverages the knowledge and judgment of security and database professionals by enabling them to use this information to efficiently create clearly defined policies in their environments.

"Creating and maintaining audit and security policies for databases is not an easy task and requires deep knowledge of the entire application and database environment," said Dan Sarel, vice president of products at Sentrigo. "Application Mapping is a tool that makes this task manageable, and is proven to work even in complex production environments. This novel, hybrid approach to policy creation leverages statistical data to assist security professionals as they efficiently create custom rules that reflect their knowledge of the enterprise and expert judgment."

Hedgehog 3.5 provides a number of other enhancements, including:

Improved support for efficient WAN deployments by compressing traffic between remote sensors and the server, enabling central management and monitoring of geographically distributed systems

Community feedback mechanism to gather data on virtual patch alerts and automatically share this with Sentrigo's research team, leveraging the experience base of all users to track database attack trends

Improved reporting and standards compliance templates

Hedgehog Enterprise 3.5 is available immediately for all new deployments, and for customers with current maintenance agreements. For more information about the Hedgehog Enterprise 3.5 solution, or to download a 14-day evaluation copy, please visit or call (781) 935-2867.

About Sentrigo

Sentrigo, Inc. is a recognized innovator in database security. The company's Hedgehog software provides full-visibility database activity monitoring and real-time protection and has been rapidly adopted by Global 2000 companies to defend mission-critical data against insider misuse as well as outsider intrusion. Enterprises across industry sectors are also using Sentrigo Hedgehog to accelerate compliance with regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. Sentrigo has won wide acclaim for its industry and technology leadership by publications such as Network World and SC Magazine. For additional information and to download Hedgehog, visit

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