SenSage 4.6 Delivers Open Security Intelligence For Enhanced Monitoring, Compliance And Risk Management

SenSage 4.6 supports Open Database Connectivity/Java Database Connectivity APIs

February 10, 2011

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SenSage, Inc., a leading provider of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, today announced the general availability of SenSage Version 4.6. The new version includes the unique ability to integrate with third-party business intelligence (BI) tools and dashboards, as well as customized reporting and improved security analytics. SenSage 4.6 delivers comprehensive Security Intelligence to large, progressive organizations that are taking a proactive, vigilant stance with their cybersecurity initiatives.

SenSage 4.6 is the first and only SIEM product that supports Open Database Connectivity/Java Database Connectivity (ODBC/JDBC) APIs. These APIs enable business intelligence tools to easily integrate with SenSage's existing SIEM and log management solutions. Opening SenSage's security data warehouse to established BI tools will enable faster, better, cheaper, deeper and broader analysis, enabling SenSage customers to gain additional insight and knowledge about their security environment and broader IT infrastructure.

"Today's SIEM tools, while extremely useful for detecting internal and external threats, have not evolved to show enterprises the 'bigger picture' of their risks in larger IT environments," said Joe Gottlieb, President and CEO of SenSage. "SenSage 4.6 gives enterprises the flexibility to use business intelligence tools they already know and work with everyday. The end result is complete freedom to analyze event data, ranging from statistical trend analysis on high impact metrics to executive dashboards that summarize operations effectiveness to cost/benefit analyses on new investment decisions. This is an unprecedented capability for experienced security professionals."

New features in SenSage 4.6 include:

-- Expanded Reporting Capabilities that Leverage ODBC/JDBC - An industry first, SenSage enables third-party reporting and analysis tools to access the SenSage Event Data Warehouse via ANSI-standard SQL and tool-specific query wizards. -- Expanded Interoperability through other Industry APIs - SenSage can also accept alerts from third-party products like IBM Tivoli and HP OpenView, leveraging open APIs such as SNMP as well as proprietary APIs such as Check Point LEA. -- Updated Analytics Installer and Log Adapters - Allows customers to install a complete log adapter package with new views and source-specific reports. It can easily move content in and out of different environments. -- Updated Reporting/Caching and Improved Auditing - New and improved reports, dashboards and schedules give SenSage customers scalable report history management, moving the report history from file-based storage to standard database storage. Security administrator changes can now be audited. -- Updated Single Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Sender and Retriever - Retriever acts as "Bridge" and can put all data onto a syslog stream. SenSage 4.6 is also interoperable with HP ProCurve, including NIM remediation. -- Support for New Platforms - Offers support for RedHat 5.5 including the latest security patches.

SenSage can take any source of event data and pull it into their scalable event data warehouse, allowing enterprises to conduct sophisticated analysis on this data for real-time monitoring, compliance and forensics analysis. SenSage offers centralized log management across broad sources and can handle correlating security events across infinite amounts of log data - no other technologies can handle this load or scale with this kind of volume. SenSage solutions are used by hundreds of organizations across the globe for real-time monitoring in security operations centers, historical trending by security planning analysts, exception reporting and follow-up by compliance officers, and detailed fact gathering by forensic investigators.

The new APIs make it easy for SenSage solution partners to tailor solutions to specific customer requirements. For example, customer data retention and retrieval systems deployed by European telecommunications service providers to comply with the EU Data Retention Directive must fit within a broader process that is increasingly automated to handle the case load pursued by law enforcement agencies. SenSage partner SALVIOL Intelligence Solutions explains:

"By opening up its architecture, SenSage has made it possible for us to implement an integrated case management capability to support the Communications Service Provider (CSP) and authorized organizations such as local law enforcement teams investigating suspected individuals or incidents, according to the ETSI TS 102 657 standard," said Robert Jancigaj, Project Manager with SALVIOL Intelligence Solutions. "Using SenSage Open Access Extension (OAE), SALVIOL technicians have built a workflow system using Filenet, an IBM offering, to automate and accelerate the law enforcement response process, including case-specific documentation, prioritization and queries of the SenSage system for pertinent call detail records."

SenSage 4.6 is immediately available. More information on the product can be found at:

About SenSage

SenSage, Inc. delivers unified Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and log management systems that are open to all event data types, scale to petabytes, minimize storage costs and perform sophisticated data analysis. Hundreds of customers worldwide leverage patented Security Intelligence solutions from SenSage to identify, understand and counteract cyber-threats, fraud and compliance violations. SenSage partners include Cerner, Cisco, EMC, McAfee and SAP. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter: @SenSage

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