Security Firm Releases New Details On Vulnerability For SiteScape Forum's TCL Injection

Vulnerability remains in candidate status

January 14, 2011

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(Cleveland, Ohio) SecureState LLC, a leader in information security assessment and protection services, recently released new details on a vulnerability regarding TCL code injection in SiteScape Enterprise Forum. This web application provides a large scale collaborative environment that many organizations use for communication and documentation.

This vulnerability, originally released in 2007 as CVE 2007-6515, stated only that SiteScape could be exploited to execute Tool Command Language (TCL) commands. The vulnerability itself remains, at the time of this writing, in candidate status, and no exploit code has been released. SecureState is releasing detailed information regarding the processes of exploiting this vulnerability to result in OS command execution as well as a XSS condition. The tool SecureState is releasing, in hopes of raising awareness of this issue, allows users to verify the vulnerability and receive an interactive prompt to execute commands on vulnerable machines. The tool is written in Python.

“SecureState was able to take a previously un-validated vulnerability and prove that it is exploitable. That is to say we found a bug and were able to use it to manipulate the server to run commands of our choosing, which, needless to say, is a large issue,” said SecureState Profiling Consultant Spencer McIntyre.

This vulnerability meets most of the criteria to be a high risk vulnerability because it:

Is remotely exploitable

Is unauthenticated

Provides command execution

Using this vulnerability and the code that we released, organizations that run SiteScape Forum can determine if they are vulnerable, as well as see what an attacker could do with the vulnerability. This is important because the vulnerability is not well known, and no code proving it is exploitable had been released until now.

See our security advisory and white paper for more information. You can download the SiteScape exploit tool here.

SecureState plans to release more exploits in the near future, you can find them at


About SecureState:

SecureState is a management consulting firm specializing in information security. SecureState draws upon the skill sets of its team members, and their extensive experience in government, private-sector, and Big X consulting firms. The SecureState team is comprised of five specialties: Advisory Services, Audit and Compliance, Profiling, Risk Management, and Business Preservation Services.

Whether you need to be compliant with industry regulations, need your network tested for security, desire to build a solid security program, or have experienced a data breach, SecureState has the expert team that you need.

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