Security Consultancy Stach & Liu Changes Name To Bishop Fox, Broadens Services Scope

“Bishop Fox” takes its name from two movies

June 3, 2013

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Stach & Liu, a leading enterprise security consulting firm, launched a new identity and a unified approach delivering security services today.

The company, which will now be known as "Bishop Fox," is delivering a unique combination of "offensive" services, including assessment and penetration testing, and "defensive" services focused on enterprises' security strategies to help companies establish more effective security programs.

"There are firms that offer ethical hacking services to identify vulnerabilities," said Vinnie Liu, Partner and co-founder of Bishop Fox. "There are also firms that help enterprises review their defenses and integrate security controls to make them more secure. But until now, there hasn't been a company that can do both of these in a coordinated fashion. By finding vulnerabilities and then helping customers develop customized defenses that prevent those vulnerabilities from being exposed, Bishop Fox will offer both sides of the security equation."

"Bishop Fox" takes its name from two movies--the 1992 movie Sneakers and the Christopher Nolan Batman series. In Sneakers, Robert Redford plays Martin Bishop, a seasoned hacker who leads a crack team of security experts that break into banks. In Batman, Lucius Fox, played by Morgan Freeman, acts as Batman's trusted advisor, running Wayne Enterprises while Bruce Wayne is off fighting crime. Stach & Liu decided to bring these two characters together to derive the new company name, "Bishop Fox," which reflects both the "offensive" and "defensive" nature of their services.

On the "offensive" side, Bishop Fox offers a complete range of penetration testing and security assessment services to help companies secure their businesses, networks, and applications. The Bishop Fox team has extensive experience conducting assessments for hundreds of companies, including many in the Fortune 1000.

On the "defensive" side, Bishop Fox offers full-scale review of and consultation around enterprise security programs, including governance, risk, and compliance as well as technical security controls. Bishop Fox's "defensive" security recommendations are built upon the findings of the "offensive" assessments, using its extensive knowledge of attack methods to help create the best tailored defensive strategies.

"Security strategy and defenses for your business are not the sort of thing you should buy off the rack," added Fran Brown, Partner and co-founder of Bishop Fox. "Each enterprise faces different threats, different points of vulnerability, and different potential losses if systems are compromised. By taking the time to understand each customer individually, we help them develop specific defenses that maximize protection for their unique situation. Not only do we create a more effective defense, but we also reduce expenses by eliminating security technologies and practices that are redundant or unnecessary."

Bishop Fox provides a wide range of security consulting services for enterprises in multiple industries. For more information, go to

About Bishop Fox

Founded in 2005, Bishop Fox is a privately-held security consulting firm providing services to the Fortune 1000, global institutions, and high-tech startups. Its professionals have worked in government intelligence, the Fortune 100, and Big 4 consulting and possess over 250 years of combined security experience. In addition to authoring several best-selling security books, writing numerous industry articles, and being cited in well-respected journals, the Bishop Fox team has been presenting its security research for over a decade. Bishop Fox speakers have made presentations at many top security industry venues, including Black Hat, DEF CON, RSA, InfoSecWorld, OWASP, SANS, and Microsoft BlueHat.

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