Radiant Logic And ForgeRock Partner To Create Complete Web Access Management And Federation Solution

Companies will work in concert to enable fine-grained authorization, federation, and SSO

November 4, 2011

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Radiant Logic, the market leader for identity and context virtualization solutions, announces a new partnership with ForgeRock, the leading provider in the open source identity and access management space. This partnership joins RadiantOne’s powerful Virtual Directory Server and OpenAM, ForgeRock’s innovative authentication, authorization, entitlements, and federation tool, into a complete web access management solution. Radiant Logic and ForgeRock work in concert to enable fine-grained authorization, federation, and SSO.

“RadiantOne and OpenAM combine powerfully to solve single sign-on problems via XACML standards,” says Neil Chapman, director of business development at ForgeRock. “Together they offer fine-grained federated authorization and authentication capabilities to customers requiring flexible, compatible, and scalable enterprise-grade SSO solutions.”

RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server goes the “last mile” into disparate data silos—including Active Directory, LDAP directories, databases, and web services—to create a single authoritative source of identity data. With RadiantOne, OpenAM does not have to connect with diverse data stores or disambiguate overlapping identities, making it much easier to strengthen security and deliver web single sign-on across protected applications. Such a federated identity service shields OpenAM from the complexity of backend sources, delivering all the information it needs, in the format and protocol it expects.

The RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) also acts as an attribute server, supplying attributes from across the identity infrastructure to OpenAM for more finely-grained, contextually-driven authorization decisions. VDS aggregates attributes from across fragmented identity infrastructures into a complete, global profile of each user, which feeds OpenAM’s XACML policy engine, supporting enforcement of complex authorization policies. The more complete the picture of each user, the more accurately enterprises can target their policies.

“Integrating products creates easy access to all identities and attributes. Customers can now customize, correlate, and integrate identities from across complex, heterogeneous infrastructures for a fuller picture of each user—and more finely-grained policy enforcement,” says Eric Ross, director of business development at Radiant Logic. “OpenAM works seamlessly with the Virtual Directory Server identity repository, creating the ability to access identity information remotely, no matter where or how it’s stored.”

About Radiant Logic

As inventor and market leader of virtual directory solutions, Radiant Logic solves complex identity integration challenges in Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. The RadiantOne Identity and Context Virtualization platform uses model-driven virtualization to unify disparate data and application silos, streamlining authentication and authorization for identity management, context-driven applications, and cloud-based infrastructures.

For more information, download a 45-day free trial or visit www.radiantlogic.com. Subscribe to the Radiant Logic blog. Follow Radiant Logic on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Fan us on Facebook.

About ForgeRock

A global Identity technology vendor with bases in the UK, USA, Norway, and France, ForgeRock is committed to continuity of innovation and service for the existing and new open source identity middleware found within the I3 Open Platform. ForgeRock provides customers with enterprise-class subscriptions for the platform, as well as training and access to an extensive partner community.

For more information, download OpenAM today, or visit ForgeRock.com.

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