Quest Software Expands Quest One Identity Solution

Quest One Identity Solution enables compliance through access control and segregation of duties

February 18, 2011

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News Facts:

* With its latest acquisitions and investments in identity and access management, Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT) has expanded Quest One Identity Solution to help organizations address today’s pressing identity and access management needs. * Quest One simplifies identity and access management (IAM) to increase security, efficiency, and compliance by unifying identities, roles, workflows, and approvals around existing IAM infrastructures and best practices. It enables compliance through access control and segregation of duties, with complete visibility and control driven by identity intelligence and business objectives. Quest One includes the following solutions: o Single Sign-on: Provides enterprise-wide single sign-on to applications and systems and joins non-Windows systems to Active Directory and web single sign-on. Enables users to spend less time logging on, lets IT spend less time administering authentication, and ensures appropriate access to critical applications. o Provisioning: Offers automated, codeless enterprise provisioning, with simplified administration of many IAM activities through self-service, increasing security, satisfying business objectives, and saving IT and business personnel time and money. o Identity Intelligence: Gives a 360-degree view and complete control of IAM through a unified approach and a flexible IAM structure. Drives all identity-related activities by business needs, and moves IAM from a technology-limited chore to a business-driven advantage. o Role Management: Helps implement role-based access control while granularly defining, administering, and unifying roles, as well as attaching business-driven access control, policy, workflows, and approvals throughout the entire lifecycle. o Multifactor Authentication: Employs Active Directory-based two-factor authentication to enterprise systems, platforms and applications through smartcards, tokens and biometrics for deeper security and compliance beyond username/password. o Password Management: Reduces the number of passwords required for user access by consolidating identities and policy across the enterprise with a single Active Directory password, and enabling end users to reset their own passwords o Privileged Account Management: Controls administrative access through granular delegation, policy-based control, and forensics-ready audit of privileged access by combining Active Directory Bridge, password vault, Unix privilege management, Windows session management, and application password management. * Latest identity and access management acquisitions and investments : o Acquisition of Voelcker in 2010 brought the identity intelligence-enabled IAM approach to Quest One with Quest One Identity Manager (formerly ActiveEntry), expected to be available in April. o Announced this week, e-DMZ brings together the four pillars of privileged identity management. o Quest’s investment in both Symplified and SecureAuth acknowledges the importance of cloud-based identity as the next frontier for the identity and access management marketplace and our customers. These investments provide Quest with additional routes to market, and leverage the strength and market insight of these industry-leading companies. * Survey findings, also announced today by Quest and Harris Interactive, examine how IT professionals and employees view the use of policies and technologies to manage and protect users’ electronic identities. The results underscore how these technologies, or lack thereof, are making it more difficult for employees to get their jobs done, and how they are causing greater concern about insider threats to IT security.


Jackson Shaw, Sr. Director of Product Management, Quest Software

“Organizations are starting to look beyond the technology focus of identity and access management. They understand the business is requiring more direct access and control over systems and applications. Quest One helps IT and business personnel work together to ensure that compliance and security requirements are met, decreasing both the risk of internal and external threats and the complexity normally associated with IAM projects.”

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