PerspecSys Launches Enterprise-Grade Cloud Security Solution

PerspecSys PRS Solution 1.5 adds data security and management functionality to cloud applications

November 9, 2011

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PerspecSys Inc., the creator of enterprise data security and management for cloud computing, today introduced PerspecSys PRS Solution™ 1.5 at the 9th International Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, California. PerspecSys’ PRS (Privacy, Residency, Security) is the only data security system purpose built for enterprise-wide adoption of cloud computing. Now, for the first time, large organizations can use cloud computing for mission-critical business functions such as corporate finance, human resources and customer relationship management (CRM) without incurring the security risks of placing their sensitive data in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

PerspecSys’ global customers span the financial services, healthcare, defense, retail, and government sectors. Within those industries, PerspecSys PRS Solution 1.5 addresses national and international regulations for keeping data under complete control, in Europe and Asia for example, never exposing it to the expanding risk and regulation surfaces associated with cloud computing. At the same time, PerspecSys PRS lets customers adopt cloud applications like and Oracle CRM On Demand, while preserving the functionality, performance, and value propositions that attracted them to the cloud.

Terry Woloszyn, founder and chief technical officer, PerspecSys will be speaking about data security in cloud environments at three different venues during Cloud Expo 2012. He said, “The cloud security landscape is growing ever more dangerous - SSL has been compromised, insecure technologies are introduced daily, and even more highly sophisticated attacks are directly targeting private and public cloud environments. Enterprise adoption of cloud computing is more challenging than ever. Making cloud mission-critical means bringing cloud application security and control on a par with traditional on-premise computing. PerspecSys PRS is the first to achieve that end in a way that can scale across all functions of the corporate and government enterprise.”

David Canellos, CEO, PerspecSys said, “Organizations have been asking themselves how to take advantage of the tremendous cost savings and time to market advantages associated with cloud computing. Those benefits are real, but companies haven’t been asking how processing and storing their data in a cloud environment could lock them into an application or cloud service provider. That lock-in may severely limit an organization’s flexibility to change business process when they need to, or worse, it could mean they lose control and ownership of their data entirely.”

Addressing Privacy, Residency, and Security:

Whenever an organization considers the adoption of a cloud-based enterprise application, the questions of data privacy (access to the data), residency (where the data is processed and saved) and security (protection of the data) are always raised. Depending on the governing laws of the applicable jurisdiction, answers to the questions often determine to what degree organizations can realize the value of the cloud computing, or if they can even consider it at all.

To make cloud applications mission-critical, the PerspecSys PRS Solution 1.5 adds data security and management functionality to cloud applications that put them on par with in-house, network based applications, namely:


Sensitive data management – identify which data meets compliance and security requirements Data protection and obfuscation – prevent sensitive data leakage Cloud utilization management – control unauthorized cloud adoption Cloud compliance management – ensure cloud utilization is compliant with government and corporate regulations Audit and reporting controls – provide details about data use for support and compliance


Data location management – control where sensitive data is at all times Application data access controls – ensure cloud access to corporate data is controlled Application integration management – bring multiple cloud applications into the enterprise simultaneously Data access, migration, and recovery – avoid application and vendor lock-in, ensure data is owned and managed by the enterprise, not by the cloud vendor


Application access management – prevent unauthorized access to the cloud Threat monitoring and management – identify hack attacks on or coming through a cloud vendor Attack identification and prevention – actively prevent known attack vectors Cloud application disaster recovery – assist with business continuity during cloud outage Cloud application migration – avoid vendor lock-in by keeping data in house at all times Cloud application redundancy – use more than one cloud to improve SLAs

For more information, stop by booth 308 on the trade show floor and follow PerspecSys on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for live updates from the 9th International Cloud Expo.

About PerspecSys Inc.

PerspecSys Inc. is a privately held Canadian corporation, based in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to provide Data Privacy, Residency and Security solutions that enable cloud adoption by the enterprise while controlling and protecting sensitive data.

For more information on PerspecSys or the PRS Server, please visit

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