Optenet Unveils Web 2.0 Threat Management Solution For Service Providers

Optenet Solutions for Telco threat management solution helps ISPs deliver security services to millions of users from a single platform

April 30, 2009

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LONDON, 28 April 2009 " Optenet (www.optenet.com), a global IT security company and provider of high-performance content security solutions, today announced the launch of its new Optenet Solutions for Telco (OST), the company's groundbreaking multitenant threat management solution that enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver a full suite of high-performance security services to millions of users from a single platform with personalised and exclusive options, while retaining powerful centralised management.

Designed to protect operations, desktops and mobile devices of millions of subscribers, the new OST include a full suite of services such Web and mail filtering, WAP and MMS filtering for mobile operators, a wide range of antivirus and malware detection engines, firewall, IDS/IPS, web acceleration and unified policy management.

The main benefit of OST is Optenet's unique multitenant architecture that reaches beyond the traditional "one-to-may" paradigm of providing Security as a Service (SaaS) where "one size fits all" and introducing for the first time in the industry a viable highly scalable "many-to-many" model. One of the commercial advantages of this model is that it allows the service provider to differentiate a range of security services depending on his client/target. OST enables customised interfaces to be assigned to each client group or segment depending on their needs, bringing simplicity for personal users and detailed sophistication for companies.

Optenet's OST enables users to customise their own service and protection policies, while providing the ISP with a single powerful management console to supervise and administer all client security rules.

The massive scalability of the new OST also allows service providers to adapt their networks to their own growth. "As the telecommunications space becomes increasingly competitive, service providers need to support the rapid growth and demands of their enterprise and residential customers," explained Omar Aguirre, Optenet General Manager. "This means offering reliable value-added services that will make Internet access faster, safer and more cost-effective. Optenet's technology enables service providers to raise their competitive advantage, expand their portfolio of telecommunications services and generate additional revenue by offering flexible, scalable and reliable security services to their customers."

Tackling New Technologies and Threats The new OST marks a major step forward in helping service providers tackle the new wave of security threats and challenges that target popular Web 2.0 enabled services such as social networking sites, blogs and Wikis. By embracing Web 2.0 or allowing their customers to deploy Web 2.0 services, Service providers need to ensure that the integrity and security of their core network services such as hosting, databases and email servers, is not compromised.

Optenet has developed a major update on its set of technologies to help protect and classify the contents from Web 2.0. The Multi-content Inspection & Dynamic Analysis System (Optenet MIDAS) uses the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques, such as the Multilingual Semantic Analyzer, to dynamically categorise and assess Web 2.0 contents. Optenet Global Internet Acquisition Network for Threats (Optenet GIANT) represents our groundbreaking effort to obtain collective intelligence about the latest risks and threats on the Internet to be used on its security products, and provides customers with unparalleled protection from those threats. New Multi-tenant Services for users include:

  • Web Acceleration Proxy " An entirely redesigned Web Acceleration Proxy with support for HTTPS filtering, granular user authentication policies and content acceleration engine for improved performance providing better end user experience.

    • Antiphising and Antispam tools " A new antiphishing engine scans both web and mail traffic for suspicious activity and known phishing scams, while an outgoing spam filter prevents an organisation's mail servers from being used for mass spam distribution.

    • MMS and WAP Filtering " Features for mobile service providers to enable filtering of MMS messages and mobile websites. MMS antispam protection effectively prevents MMS spam from spreading through the network and reaching end users.

    • Network Firewall " A full featured firewall offers also the possibility of filtering groups of internet services (Application Management).

    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention " A new service that combines Optenet's state-of-the-art threat intelligence from its Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats (Optenet GIANT) platform with the proven technology of Snort, the most widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention technology worldwide and the "de facto" standard for the industry. Enables Service Providers to offer a complete set of threat detection rules that administrators and subscribers can fully customise and prioritise according to severity.

    • Notification Service ' This new service provides ISPs with an incredibly powerful mechanism to send automatic and customisable notifications to customers based on the combination of multiple policies and traffic analysis, representing a major step forward in Operator-Client relationship management and a new level of one-to-one marketing capabilities based on behavioural pattern analysis. New product features include:

    • Unified policy management " A completely new approach to policy creation and implementation in a fully unified and redesigned console. Enables Administrators to now manage and implement policies from a single view, vastly improving their visibility of potential issues and simplifying policy creation and management.

    • End-user interface templates " New ready-to-use residential and enterprise end user interface templates allow service providers to reduce the time-to-market for new value added services.

    • QoS and Bandwidth Management " Available to administrators, these two functionalities allow the definition of granular policies to control network service levels and limit the bit-rate of network traffic by client and IP.

    • Dynamic Routing " Improving on the deployment flexibility of the solution, the new firewall includes a dynamic router with a fully functional Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) engine and the possibility to assign routes to profiles.

      The main features of the new OST are designed for Internet Service Providers of all sizes, Mobile Operators and Large Multi-branch Enterprises. It allows service providers to implement Internet security controls in both, a SaaS and single customer environment, whilst retaining a high degree of flexibility over how traffic and requests are filtered, threats are identified and what action is taken.

      "Optenet's objective is to consolidate our leadership as strategic partner of the service provider community, providing them with the most complete multi-tenant, integrated security service offering, capable of adapting to the precise requirements of each of their subscribers. Thanks to the new functionalities, optimised performance and increased scalability of OST, we offer the multi-tenant technology 'In the Cloud' and managed security that service providers desire," added Aguirre.

      About Optenet: Optenet is a global IT security company that provides high-performance content filtering solutions to service providers and large enterprises worldwide. Optenet's technology protects 75 million end users around the globe, including the customers of many of the world's leading ISPs and mobile operators, as well as employees of global enterprise organisations. The Company is a socially conscious organisation, committed to eliminating illegal content on the Internet, protecting children and supporting government agencies and non-profit organisations that share the same goal. For more information, visit www.optenet.com.

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