OpenDNS Introduces Enterprise Insights

Enterprise security solution blocks malware and botnet communications

July 4, 2012

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July 2, 2012— OpenDNS, the world's largest Internet-wide security network – making the Internet safer, faster and more reliable for 50 million people every day – today announced the immediately availability of OpenDNS Enterprise Insights. The new service not only blocks malware and botnet communications from causing any damage to customers’ networks, but also now gives customers critical visibility into which users, machines or devices, specifically, on their network have been infected. OpenDNS Enterprise Insights is leading the charge in affording customers such robust functionality without an appliance.

As cloud-based applications have proliferated and enterprises have shifted their focus to enabling cloud services, security had remained a laggard due to a lack of viable options. It’s for this reason that Insights is such a monumental release not only for OpenDNS, but for the Internet security industry on the whole.

With Insights, it’s now possible to deliver per-user, per-group or per-device security settings that are fully customizable and manageable entirely over the Internet. Like OpenDNS Enterprise, Insights works by identifying and containing or quarantining advanced malware and botnet threats and eliminating their communication with command and control servers, effectively rendering known threats useless. Further, Insights empowers CSOs and network security professionals to track malware infections down to the individual users or devices, giving them actionable intelligence. Insights, which can be deployed in just a single day without any hardware or software and managed remotely from anywhere in the world, is raising the bar for cloud-based services and demonstrating that a heightened level of functionality is possible without a dedicated on-premise appliance.

Insights was developed as a direct result of customer demand for a feature that integrates with their internal directory (typically Microsoft Active Directory) through the cloud. By delivering Insights, OpenDNS has removed the single most common reason customers have hesitated to fully adopt OpenDNS organization-wide, and OpenDNS expects the availability of Insights to mean even more traction for its already wildly successful enterprise security services.

OpenDNS has been running Enterprise Insights in a limited release form for the past several months, with customers including large distributed global enterprises, managed security service providers and SMBs alike. Feedback about the service has been consistently positive, with a great deal of commentary on the ease of deployment and management.

“I've been extremely pleased with Insights. I was able to make a couple of DNS changes on the server, set up our IP range online, and it started working immediately,” said Shawn Hanks, network security administrator for Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, a participant organization in the Insights beta program. “The simplicity of the product is also allowing me to focus my time and energy on other tasks.”

“The introduction of OpenDNS Enterprise Insights is a tremendous engineering accomplishment for OpenDNS and a testament to what it possible today with advanced cloud services like ours,” said OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch. “The functionality included in the service, which incorporates real-time threat discovery using the intelligence of a massive, globally-distributed network of 50 million users, as well as security that until now required a complex combination of heavy appliances and software, is truly revolutionary.”

OpenDNS Enterprise Insights is available immediately. Please visit for evaluation and purchasing details.

About OpenDNS OpenDNS is the world's leading provider of Internet security and DNS services, enabling the world to connect to the Internet with confidence on any device, anywhere, any time. OpenDNS provides millions of businesses, schools and households with a safer, faster and more intelligent Internet experience by protecting them from malicious Web threats and providing them control over how users navigate the Internet, while dramatically increasing the network's overall performance and reliability. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit:

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