Nominum Announces Dashboard To Analyze Network Data

iView is a hosted service with a browser-based graphical interface

December 9, 2010

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Redwood City, Calif. – December 8, 2010 — Nominum announced today a major milestone in Internet information architecture with the release of iView, the first-of-its-kind, cross-service information portal that establishes the DNS as a powerful data collection and analysis point for on-demand network intelligence. iView further reinforces the importance of DNS in a network by leveraging this critical Internet protocol to provide unprecedented business insight. iView is a hosted service with a browser based graphical interface that allows network owners to rapidly traverse service data generated from across their network. Network owners get instant access to information they need to support business processes and to understand security and performance postures. iView integrates DNS data from Nominum’s industry-leading in-network Vantio™ and ANS software and all hosted network services including SKYE Resolution, SKYE Authority, SKYE Network Protection Service and NavAssist (detailed information on each of these systems can be found at

“Working with the world’s largest network operators for the past 10 years has given us key insights into the best practices for collecting, managing, and monitoring network data. iView implements those best practices across all of the services we enable,” commented Tom Tovar, Nominum’s Chief Executive Officer. “As a global information portal, iView will continually improve as the software, network and service capabilities of Nominum continue to expand, offering all network operators unparalleled analysis, detection, tracking and management functions.”

iView network intelligence translates directly into better network, application and DNS performance and reliability because the DNS is central to the proper functioning of every IP network and application. This intelligence also opens up a wide range of ways to improve network security. Alerts can be automatically sent to warn of cache poisoning attacks, and the root cause of certain DDoS attacks can be identified through analysis of the traffic. DNS data can uncover infected hosts attached to a network and determine if users are accessing malicious web resources such as phishing sites or sites known to host malware.

Network intelligence provided with iView is based on best practices for data collection, aggregation, transformation, and presentation from decades of combined knowledge of Nominum development and operations engineers gained from their experience serving more than 500 million fixed and mobile broadband end users around the world every day. A library of preconfigured reports provides network owners immediate data access while custom views can be configured to support specific business needs. Since iView is a hosted network service there is no need for daily care and feeding of multiple “platforms”, no upgrades to manage, and no ongoing maintenance required on the part of the network owner.

“Nominum has been about innovating at the DNS level for many years. We chose to implement iView as a hosted network service to make it accessible to everyone and to free network operators from the data retention, correlation and security tracking burden associated with providing the service. This class of cross-functional information service leveraging the breadth of what Nominum and the DNS has to offer has never been available until now,” stated Gopala Tumuluri, Nominum’s Chief Technical Officer

Pricing and Availability

iView is a hosted service deployed on Nominum’s Global Network. It is available now. Pricing is configuration-dependent and available on request.

About Nominum

Nominum’s Intelligent DNS systems improve IP networks of all sizes globally; ensuring people always have a safe, secure and enjoyable Internet experience. Nominum in-network software solutions and SKYE hosted services form the foundation of the always-on Internet, protecting networks and the families and businesses that use them, and providing superior performance, and reliability. Nominum software and SKYE services now support more than 500 million fixed and mobile broadband users as well as enterprises, universities, and government agencies in every region. For more information visit

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