Nitro Announces Real-time Security Management

NitroAPM deep packet inspection solution correlates inbound, outbound traffic with security events stemming from security information management systems in real-time

July 29, 2009

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Portsmouth, NH " July 22, 2009 " NitroSecurity, Inc, enhanced their content-aware SIEM platform today with the introduction of the NitroView Application Protocol Monitor (APM). NitroView APM leverages the scalability and performance of NitroSecurity's award winning NitroView ESM to address customers' increasing need for data leakage, threat and fraud detection features as a function of SIEM. By monitoring the content of hundreds document types and application transactions in real-time over the network, NitroView APM offers ways to better protect sensitive information, such as financial information, health and medical records, or personal identification.

"We believe that successful SIEM products are about more than event correlation. Smart correlation is a key to successful SIEM deployments, as is integration with complementary technologies like log management, intrusion prevention, data leak detection and change and configuration management," said Paul Roberts, Senior Analyst of Enterprise Security at the 451 Group. "Nitro's ability to meet such feature demands, coupled with its super fast NitroEDB data management engine on the back end put it in a unique position among SIEM vendors."

NitroView APM is part of NitroSecurity's strategy to provide broader collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities in order to improve security and compliance efforts. "[NitroView] is bound to appeal to enterprises that are hungry for heavy event correlation and even heavier log management," added Roberts. NitroSecurity sees those enterprises as the larger or more sophisticated companies, who understand the difficulties of security information management, and who are looking to overcome the limitations of first-generation SIEMs. NitroSecurity is actively targeting these companies in both commercial and federal markets.

The NitroView APM compliments the company's recently announced NitroView ESM "X5", a brand new category of SIEM coined "Content-Aware" that provides real-time security event logging and management through the use of a dedicated half-terabyte RAM array. APM provides full visibility into applications—including header information, content, and attachments—and is able to determine when applications are being used outside of acceptable policies or for fraudulent and malicious purposes. Those violations can then be correlated against other activity, such as security events, logs, or database activity, to quickly investigate an incident.

The introduction of NitroView APM represents a game-changing approach to threat detection technology: traditionally, SIEM offerings have relied on logs for insight into how applications are accessed and used—an inherently limited approach. Because logs do not provide full visibility into how an application is used, they're less suited for the determination of policy violations, data loss, and fraud. In contrast, NitroView APM allows information security analysts to detect sensitive information within an application's content, preventing insider theft of information, and maximizing their data loss prevention strategies.

"The value of application content monitoring and the related ability to reconstruct the sessions, in conjunction with the traditional functionality of SIEM, is that security analysts instantly have all the relevant information necessary to make decisions and escalate information accordingly," said Rocky DeStefano, founder and CEO of security consulting firm Decurity. "With this combined set of information your security team has the ability to reduce the time to true incident identification to a number that is measured in seconds, versus minutes, hours or even longer."

However, the benefits of APM do not come easily. The act of collecting and correlating application content and protocol activity along with traditional logs and events puts an amazing strain on a SIEM. "Not all SIEMs have the horsepower to deal with this level of detail," said NitroSecurity's CTO of data security, Mehlam Shakir. "It's why so many database monitoring or application monitoring systems are kept separate from SIEM. Our ability to integrate DAM, APM and SIEM together into a single solution is the direct result of NitroView's high-performance database, NitroEDB. We've broken through a technological barrier, and have been able to provide real value as a result."

NitroView APM is currently shipping, with support for deep packet inspection and content analysis at throughputs up to 1Gbps. NitroView APM is available in a variety of models, starting at $14,995 USD. Due to the high level of integration between all NitroView products, all data access and application use can be examined and correlated against other security events, logs, and even network activity from a single security console.

About NitroSecurity NitroSecurity develops security information and compliance management solutions that protect business information and infrastructure. NitroSecurity solutions reduce business risk exposure and increase network and information availability by removing the scalability and performance limitations of security information management. Utilizing the industry's fastest analytical tools, NitroSecurity identifies correlates and remediates threats in minutes instead of hours, allowing organizations to quickly mitigate risks to the organization's information and infrastructure.

NitroSecurity serves more than 500 enterprises across many vertical markets, including healthcare, education, financial services, government, retail, hospitality and managed services. For more information, please visit

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