NexQloud Debuts Human ID Engine To Redefine DDoS Mitigation

Uses a combination of anti-bot defense, smart AI, and Web API protection

November 27, 2013

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CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- NexQloud is the world's leading DDoS mitigation and uptime management platform. Developed with user experience in mind, NexQloud is capable of proactively resolving even the most complicated DDoS attacks with minimal user interaction.

NexQloud solves the DDoS problem inversely with the industry's first Human Identification Engine, which addresses critical flaws in traditional mitigation systems and offers complete protection against Volumetric and Application Layer DDoS attacks. Using a combination of Anti-bot Defense, Smart AI, and Web API Protection, NexQloud sets a new precedent for DDoS Mitigation. In addition, NexQloud enhances uptime management through advanced website optimization and greater network transparency for real time and post event analysis.

Anti-bot Defense

Protocol ID, Browser ID and Challenge ID allow NexQloud to distinguish humans from bots through their respective defense methods of analyzing and tracing HTTP protocols, checking browser behavior patterns and challenging suspicious traffic requests.

Smart AI

Smart AI and its dynamic state monitor allows NexQloud to mitigate DDoS attacks with pinpoint accuracy. Smart AI also minimizes false positives in NAT networks and static policy based traffic.

Web API Protection

NexQloud's virtual API throttling system boosts server performance and assures more available bandwidth. Geo IP control automatically denies malicious requests from suspicious regions.

Website Optimization

NexQloud's search engine client ID system permits good crawlers to pass through and decreases response times, leading to improved SEO rankings.

Advanced Mitigation Analysis

Designed to be extremely user friendly, NexQloud's suite of Threat Analytics tools are simple to use and understand. NexQloud's dashboard displays past attack analytics, real time traffic and event analyses.

NexQloud will be available to the general public in 2014. Limited candidates will be accepted into NexQloud's Prerelease Program and enjoy NexQloud's comprehensive protection and uptime management completely free of charge for the duration of the program. Sign up now and be amongst the first to experience the future of uptime management!


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