New Versions Of SplashID Safe Improve Password Management

Includes a major update of its consumer-focused Personal Edition

December 11, 2013

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LOS GATOS, CA -- SplashData today announced three new versions of its SplashID Safe password manager, including a major update of its consumer-focused Personal Edition with enhanced security features and an optional cloud-based sync service, a new SaaS version for small businesses and teams, and an updated server-based enterprise version.

SplashID Safe Personal Edition

SplashData has completely updated its popular consumer suite of SplashID Safe applications that has over 1 million users worldwide. Based on an all-new SplashID 7.0 architecture, SplashID Safe is now the only password manager that lets the user choose how to handle sensitive records -- encrypt and save data locally on a phone or tablet, sync and backup over WiFi inside a home or office network, or choose SplashID Cloud Services to keep records securely and automatically updated across multiple phones, tablets, and computers.

In addition to the ability to automatic sync passwords and other records, the optional SplashID Cloud Services also include a new web-based version of SplashID Safe, in-app support, and access to identity protection services with experts available on demand by phone.

"With this new version, we're delivering on all the features most requested from SplashID Safe users," said SplashData CEO Morgan Slain. "Our customers wanted freedom of choice about where their data is stored, and they wanted an easy yet secure way to keep multiple phones, tablets, and computers in sync. We're excited about how SplashID Cloud Services enable us to deliver more new features more quickly to our users."

SplashID Safe Personal Edition is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS, and on the web at All applications are free to try for 30 days. Users can then choose one of three purchase options: one application for $9.99, multiple SplashID Safe applications with WiFi sync for $29.99, or access to all SplashID Safe applications and SplashID Cloud Services for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

SplashID Safe Teams Edition

A new software-as-a-service product designed for groups seeking a simple and secure way to create, update, and share passwords and other sensitive records, SplashID Safe for Teams enables anyone to set up an account on the web with multiple users who can then access the database from native SplashID Safe client applications on any mobile or desktop platform.

With SplashID Teams Edition, small businesses and office teams can extend the power of SplashID Safe by enabling employees to organize and share passwords, server settings, account numbers, and device ID's.

"A lot of our enterprise users are small businesses or cross-functional teams that have between 5 and 50 users, and they don't really need to set up a server in their network," Slain said. "They wanted a password manager that would be as easy to set up as Salesforce or Dropbox, and SplashID Safe for Teams delivers on that goal. And with the ability for teams to securely share settings and passwords, SplashID Safe will reduce common issues like calls to IT for lost credentials, sticky notes with passwords written on them, and emails of logins that can create security risks."

SplashID Safe for Teams is available at The service is free to try for 30 days for a limited number of users. Subscriptions are $5 per user per month and enable each user to access all SplashID Safe for Teams client applications, including versions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and web browsers.

SplashID Safe Enterprise Edition

Lastly, SplashData is releasing an updated version of its server-based version for enterprise IT managers. The new version of SplashID Safe Enterprise Edition offers dedicated, scalable solutions and can be hosted inside an enterprise's network or by SplashData.

"SplashID Safe Enterprise Edition is for our clients who have custom requirements or need the highest levels of security and service," Slain said. "This is the product designed for our largest SplashID users, including financial institutions, government agencies, and large universities."

More information about SplashID Safe Enterprise Edition can be found at

About SplashData, Inc.

SplashData, Inc., founded in 2000 and based in Los Gatos, California, is a leading provider of security and productivity applications. SplashData's award-winning products include SplashID Safe (, the best-selling cross-platform password manager with over 1 million individual users and thousands of business and enterprise clients. For more information, visit

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