Company positioned to solve challenges associated with mass adoption of strong authentication solutions

May 23, 2012

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SAN FRANCISCO ­ May 22, 2012 ­ NetAuthority, the device authentication company, today announced its company launch with the availability of its beta products ­ the Device Authentication Service powered by the Device Authentication Engine ­ introducing a game-changing approach to device-centric authentication aimed at enterprises, consumer-based online services and SaaS cloud providers.

Organizations of all sizes are transacting more and more business online each year. In addition, a rapidly growing annual number of customers are engaging in online and mobile commerce, banking and payments. With this increasing level of financial activity, businesses and customers will encounter daunting security challenges and vulnerabilities. Network breaches are skyrocketing and malicious attacks are being unleashed in unprecedented numbers with increasing sophistication, resulting in massive information and economic damages.

NetAuthority offers a disruptive solution for identifying and authenticating Internet-enabled devices to reduce cyber security risks and prevent losses. The NetAuthority patented device-centric authentication solution helps organizations prevent malicious attacks resulting from user impersonation, reducing fraudulent access, economic loss, compromise of sensitive data and damage to the corporate brand.

³NetAuthority is strategically positioned to solve the challenges associated with mass adoption of strong authentication solutions,² said Chris Brennan, CEO and founder of NetAuthority. ³Our offering is designed to help corporations, consumer-based online services and SaaS cloud providers with the growing challenges associated with widely deploying strong authentication security throughout their business by providing an easily-deployable, scalable, transparent and affordable solution.²

NetAuthority provides an unprecedented level of authentication accuracy compared to existing forms of multi-factor authentication. NetAuthority¹s solution transforms a device¹s unique and expanding set of attributes into a unique device key, turning the device itself into the identifier. When this strong authentication is coupled with a proprietary validation method that ensures a unique and random device key for each authenticated session, NetAuthority delivers irrefutable device identification and user verification without the limitations, high expense, complications or vulnerabilities of tokens, smartcards and digital certificates.

³With the explosion of mobility and the consumerization of IT, many organizations have operated nearly exposed to unauthorized access from unauthorized devices in the absence of a practical, effective strong authentication solution,² said Brennan. ³The new NetAuthority products target a wide variety of online services, including banking, brokerage, payments and healthcare, delivering strong authentication, ease of deployment and management and a simplified user experience to companies, and restoring trust and convenience with end-users.²

³Our work with bankers around the world in the retail, commercial, and institutional sectors shows that, when it comes to risk management and financial security technology, consumer experience and ease of use are top priority,² said Michael Versace, global director of Worldwide Risk at analyst firm IDC Financial Insights. ³An approach that brings both a clean, easy end-user experience and a strong level of security to the banking environment is a powerful combination.²

A beta version of the NetAuthority Device Authentication Service is now available. For more information, visit

About NetAuthority NetAuthority is the strong device-centric authentication solution provider. NetAuthority¹s patent-protected technology uniquely identifies and authenticates internet-enabled devices and users to thwart cyber security attacks, delivering compelling ROI for enterprise, government and other data-sensitive environments. For more information, visit

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