Net Orbit Exposes Slacker Employees On Company Networks

Software allows managers to seamlessly monitor and control client workstations

October 26, 2013

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Retina-X Studios, LLC announced today the release of Net Orbit v3.0 monitoring software for company networks. The software allows employers to pinpoint slacking employees in real time by visually monitoring client workstations.

Inside the Net Orbit application, thumbnail images for all workstations are rapidly updated on the Manager's desktop. They can see exactly what every employee is doing at any given moment. Single or multiple screens of each workstation can be silently viewed full size with the option of seizing remote control of any workstation.

Net Orbit enforces Acceptable Use Policies and gives employers the ability to hold evidence of embezzlement, harassment, poor performance or any other unauthorized activities that may occur on the company network.

"We originally purchased this software to monitor our web support team, but now I think it should be installed on all of our workstations," explains Steven Covino, CFO for Covino Farms. "We suspected employees may be abusing company time, but now we will know for sure."

For deployment, the manager installs the Admin Console onto their own workstation. A small hidden app is then quickly installed to each client workstation to be monitored. The manager then has the ability to view all of the monitored screens at once, or individually. This birds-eye view gives them the instant ability to see which employees are goofing off or worse.

"The risk of company loss is much greater when your employees are unsupervised," explains Craig Thompson, Director of Support for Net Orbit. "Your own workers could be wasting work time on the computer and you wouldn't know it. Net Orbit gives you the ability to see all their screens at one time so you can silently and instantly uncover the slackers."

Once a problem individual is found, Net Orbit also helps in other ways. When dealing with employee termination, employers can use records obtained from Net Orbit for supporting arguments. Net Orbit is set up to continually keep track of applications used, websites visited, keystrokes, files used and chat conversations. It also stores periodic screenshots for later viewing.

Managers can also perform an array of administrative commands on any workstation from their own workstation. A partial list includes sending a pop-up message, locking the workstation, rebooting or taking full remote control of the workstation using the manager's own mouse and keyboard.

Net Orbit is available now for computers running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 on a local area network. A version for Mac OS X clients is coming soon. Pricing starts at $249.97, which monitors up to 5 workstations. A 15-day Free Trial download is available. Complete details are available at

Media Contact: Craig Thompson, Email or 888-475-5345. Postal Inquires: Retina-X Studios, LLC, 13453 North Main Street, Suite 201, Jacksonville, Florida 32218.

About Retina-X Studios, LLC (RXS). RXS designs and develops cutting-edge tools that allow employers to monitor their individual computer, network or mobile devices. The tools help businesses monitor Mac and Windows computers, as well as iOS and Android devices issued to employees. RXS products have been mentioned by The Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today and other media outlets.

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