Net Optics Rolls Out New Secure Network Monitoring System

Net Optics iBypass Switch is a passive, inline bypass switch that maintains seamless network flow when deploying an intrusion prevention system

February 20, 2009

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 17, 2009 " Net Optics, Inc., a leading provider of network access devices, today reinforced the company's ongoing commitment to address top-of-mind network security issues such as intrusions, cybercrime, and hacking. The Net Optics iBypass Switch, a passive, in-line bypass switch that maintains seamless network flow, is particularly critical when deploying an intrusion prevention system (IPS). The iBypass Switch provides both a fail-open network path in the event of power loss, and the ability to automatically initiate and enable bypass mode should the appliance fail, or require maintenance, repair, or removal. The Net Optics iBypass Switch provides peace-of-mind on all IPS deployments by ensuring the customer maximum network uptime without the risk of an outage. By including the iBypass Switch when deploying an IPS, enterprises gain a secure network monitoring solution and can be assured their network has zero downtime.

According to FBI and GAO surveys, cybercrime is a $67.2-bilion-dollar industry. As security threats continue to mount in both quantity and sophistication, a single firewall or even an IPS on an organization's Internet connection no longer provides sufficient security. Threats often emerge from inside the organization, originating from zombie computers or malicious attacks by employees or unauthorized visitors. As a result, security monitoring is required on all of the critical links on the network as a preventative measure. However, while deploying dozens of intrusion detection devices throughout the network ensures security, it risks increasing costly network downtime when an IPS loses power or needs maintenance.

Net Optics has more than a dozen years of proven experience in keeping corporate networks operating efficiently 24 x 7. The company's iBypass Switches provide IT managers with a solution to quickly deploy intrusion detection across multiple network links without interruption. Compared to traditional direct in-line deployment of an IPS, adding the iBypass Switch provides more security and fail-over capabilities. In addition, among the bypass devices available in the market, the Net Optics iBypass Switch is the only solution that includes remote management capabilities, and that supports IPSs with different copper and fiber interfaces than the links they protect. These advanced features give customers more granular control of their networks and greater flexibility in their deployment options.

According to Bob Shaw, the company's CEO, "Net Optics is committed to offering enterprises network solutions addressing today's critical security problems. Our iBypass Switches enable enterprises to deploy in-line devices without degrading the reliability of their networks. As a result, most IPS suppliers and IT architects consider a bypass switch to be an indispensable element in any IPS installation. In many cases, the unique remote management capabilities of the Net Optics iBypass Switch made it the only bypass choice for a complete best-of-class solution."

Key Features and Benefits Recently, the Tolly Group awarded the iBypass Switch an "Up to Spec" certification validating the claim that the Net Optics iBypass Switch delivers fail-safe connectivity for in-line protection tools such as IPSs and WAN optimization devices. The solution provides the following benefits:

High Availability-Continuous network protection Increased security-Utilizes IPS security appliances more efficiently Broad connectivity-Models available for 10Mbps copper to 10Gbps fiber Flexible-Supports media conversion for in-line devices with differences interfaces Manageable-Provides remote link diagnostics and SNMP capability Compatible-Integrates with all major manufactures' intrusion prevention systems Affordable-Eliminates expensive network downtime for a small incremental cost

"The Net Optics iBypass Switch provided us with the visibility and control needed to manage viral threats to our customer systems, which are directly connected into our exchange floor infrastructure, "said Leo Rodriguez, former Director of Network Operations at Philadelphia Stock Exchange. "By including the Net Optics iBypass Switch in our IPS solution, we added the flexibility of allowing instantaneous bypass of the inline tool " either automatically or manually " should the tool itself impede or delay real-time production trading in any way."

IT Managers can save thousands of dollars by not having to take down network links when devices require upgrades and maintenance, because the iBypass Switch enables them to keep network traffic flowing without any interruptions. IT Managers can be at ease knowing they can maximize their security infrastructure without facing the risks involved with network downtimes.

Net Optics iBypass Switches are currently available. Pricing starts at $2,000.

About Net Optics Net Optics is the leader in innovative passive in-line devices for network security, traffic analysis, and IT monitoring. Its products are deployed in enterprises, service providers, and government organizations worldwide. Leading vendors of protocol analyzers, RMON probes, and IPS appliances have selected Net Optics for their customers' monitoring solutions—from T1 WANs to 10 Gigabit links.

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