McAfee And Intel Unveil New Security Technology

DeepSAFE provides a trusted view of system events below the operating system

September 14, 2011

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INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2011 The threat landscape is rapidly changing to one of advanced persistent threats and stealth attacks. A new approach to security is needed to stay ahead of the cybercriminals, and today McAfee unveiled McAfee DeepSAFE. The new technology, which will help fundamentally change and reshape the security industry, was demonstrated by McAfee at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) during Intel President and CEO Paul Otellinis keynote. Otellini outlined the opportunities and challenges that face the industry given the proliferation of smart devices.

McAfee and Intel recognize that, in order to ensure users have an engaging and productive computing experience, it is essential that devices are protected against intrusions from security breaches and malware in more effective ways than are available today. Every type of device is vulnerable, and it is this recognition combined with the desire to take a holistic approach to secure computing that led to the Intel and McAfee collaboration.

With the announcement of this new DeepSAFE technology, McAfee and Intel are working to change the industry by combining the power of hardware and software to create much more sophisticated ways to prevent attacks. Cybercriminals know how to evade current operating systems-based security, demanding a new paradigm security beyond the operating system.

This is a tremendous shift for McAfee and one of the biggest innovations in the security industrys history, said Todd Gebhart, co-president of McAfee. McAfee DeepSAFE uses hardware features already in the Intel processors to provide security beyond the OS. From this unique vantage point, DeepSAFE can apply new techniques to deliver a whole new generation of protection in real time to prevent malicious activity and not just detect infections.

McAfee DeepSAFE, co-developed with Intel, is a technology that allows McAfee to develop hardware-assisted security products to take advantage of a deeper security footprint. The technology sits below the OS, providing a vantage point that helps fundamentally change the security game. McAfee DeepSAFE enables innovative new protection technologies, including proactively detecting and preventing stealthy advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malware. Many APTs include stealth techniques such as rootkits that embed themselves deep in the OS to evade current security solutions.

Demonstrated on stage today was one way to apply this new vantage point, in rootkit prevention. According to McAfee Labs, more than 1,200 new rootkits per day are detected - equating to 50 per hour every single day. A system running the DeepSAFE technology was able to detect and stop a zero-day Agony rootkit from infecting a system in real time. This technology is expected to launch in products later in 2011.

McAfee DeepSAFE:

Builds the foundation for next-generation hardware-assisted security operating beyond the operating system Provides a trusted view of system events below the operating system Exposes many attacks that are undetectable today New vantage point to block sophisticated stealth techniques and APTs Provides real time CPU event monitoring with minimal performance impact Combines the power of hardware and flexibility of software to deliver a new foundation for security

Intel and McAfee are working on joint technologies to better protect every segment across the compute continuum from PCs to devices, said Rene James, senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group at Intel and the Chairman of McAfee. By combining the features of existing Intel hardware and innovations in security software, Intel and McAfee are driving innovation in the security industry by providing a new way to protect computing devices. We are truly excited to introduce this technology upon which we will deliver new solutions.

At McAfee our customers and partners trust us to help them stay ahead of the cybercriminals and keep their business protected, said Michael DeCesare, co-president of McAfee. This technology and our joint collaboration with Intel is the next evolution of security and will enable McAfee to continue to be the trusted security provider to our largest and most complex customers.

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