Lookingglass Announces New Cyber Threat Alert And Warning Capability, CyberHUD

CyberHUD monitors global networks for resiliency, threats, malware, routing hijacks and malicious actor’s tools, tactics, and procedures

May 23, 2012

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Arlington, VA – (May 21, 2012) -- Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, a cyber security company whose revolutionary appliance-based platform delivers over-the-horizon cyber threat suppression, announced today its Cyber-Heads-Up-Display, CyberHUD, a new alert and warning capability that empowers users to rapidly define and continuously monitor for threats within customer, provider and partner networks. Specifically, CyberHUD monitors global networks for resiliency, threats, malware, routing hi-jacks and malicious actor’s tools, tactics and procedures.

Lookingglass, a pioneer in the industry of cyber threat suppression and ecosystem data visualization, aggregates and presents data from outside a client's network and control, rather than the traditional approach of only considering data within the client's control spectrum. The Lookingglass platform empowers customers to adopt a new cyber security risk approach that tightly aligns business needs with operational realities.

CyberHUD is a key component of Lookingglass flagship product - ScoutVisionTM. The CyberHud enables customers to identify, understand and act against cyber threats before they impact internal operations. ScoutVision allows its users to aggregate and analyze a myriad of cyber intelligence sources to identify global threats as soon as they emerge. It enriches that intelligence with data from its users’ internal enterprise network, so customers can rapidly determine the relevance of those threats and more effectively focus resources. ScoutVision continuously ingests routing data describing ownership of over 53,000 autonomous systems, 500,000 CIDR blocks, billions of IP addresses, and aggregates over 40 million trace routes daily to provide context to more than 50 proprietary threat feeds.

With the Lookingglass platform, organizations are no longer tied to the antiquated ‘stop any and all security events’ mindset. Customers can now contextualize threat actors, motives, attack surface, TTP and attacking sources to preserve business continuity and resiliency.

“In an environment where computing resources are becoming increasingly dispersed and perimeter defenses are obviated by network topologies, ScoutVision enables customers to monitor the security of all the networks through which their information travels and resides,” stated Derek Gabbard, Lookingglass CEO. “Across our datasets, thus far in 2012 alone, Lookingglass has identified over 80 million unique malicious IPs. Organizations need ScoutVision to continuously monitor their cyber ecosystem so they can easily determine whether any of these networks are harboring known threats.”

Detecting threats introduced by third parties is essential to understanding a company’s complete exposure and risk profile. Supply chain, critical infrastructure, cloud provider networks and routing paths all contribute to a customer’s cyber ecosystem and add to its attack surface. While traditional enterprise security solutions are primarily focused on the activity within an organization’s network, most enterprises recognize the need to understand the threats outside their network.

ScoutVision integrates, correlates and prioritizes various threat feeds and then provides context, so that users can determine which threats are most critical. Deployed as an appliance, ScoutVision leverages an open architecture, which provides source and sensor agnostic threat visibility – meaning customers are not tied to black box solutions that deliver limited visibility. CyberHUD is also available on CloudScoutTM, the Lookingglass hosted version of ScoutVision, which offers customers a cloud-based solution.

The Lookingglass customer base spans a variety of sectors including CNCI/homeland security, financial services, defense industrial base and intelligence sectors with traction in the Fortune 100, government defense contractors and U.S. federal agencies, specifically those charged with critical infrastructure protection.

About Lookingglass

Lookingglass Cyber Solutions is the world leader in over-the-horizon cyber threat suppression, whose revolutionary solutions deliver deep visibility into the Internet threat landscape. With its ScoutVisionTM and CloudScoutTM solutions, Lookingglass offers alert and warning capabilities that empower customers to continuously monitor for over the horizon threats, such as the presence of botnets, hosts associated with cyber criminal networks, unexpected route changes and the loss of network resiliency. Lookingglass’ outside-in approach accounts for a client’s entire enterprise cyber ecosystem including the extended enterprise, and other networks beyond their control. This oversight ensures business partners or service providers are not the proximate cause of security breaches or data loss. For more information, visit www.LGScout.com.

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