LockPath Launches Auditing Tool, Announces New Integrations For Security Manager App & Enhancements To GRC Platform

Audit Manager is an integrated solution designed to help streamline internal audits

June 11, 2013

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OVERLAND PARK, KS - LockPath, a provider of innovative governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions, today announced the release of Audit Manager as part of the latest version of its Keylight&trade platform, Keylight&trade 3.3. Audit Manager is an integrated solution designed to help streamline internal audits by automatically generating tasks and providing powerful, menu-driven reports for viewing and sharing audit performance, findings and history.

"Connecting people, processes and technology is what Keylight&trade does best. One of the most common pain points within auditing is the lack of a central repository," said Chris Caldwell, CEO of LockPath. "We have purpose-built our new Audit Manager application to function as that repository -- giving the audit team and stakeholders across the enterprise the tools necessary to thoroughly support process, as well as easy access to findings, results and status of the report."

Keylight&trade Audit Manager enhances the end-to-end internal audit process. Intuitive controls allow customers to quickly scope and holistically identify their audit portfolio, including facilities, technology assets, and devices. The platform fosters a risk-based approach to planning and prioritizing audits by integrating organizational risks into the decision-making process. For example, multinational companies can score and compare regional versus domestic data center risks, as well as risks related to complying with standards and regulations to help drive audit priorities.

Keylight&trade incorporates automation into the audit process to save time and ensure the accuracy of a report. Keylight&trade can automatically generate tasks based on a specific regulation, which can then be assigned to the right audit resources. Once findings are collected, remediation tasks are automatically produced to address the cited controls.

The new application also supports mobility for auditors collecting evidence in the field. Auditors can export their task list to familiar spreadsheets to work remotely or access data offline, allowing them to capture findings and document evidence in a secure portal. The finished records can then easily be imported back into the Keylight&trade platform.

Audit Manager offers senior management and C-level executives complete visibility around audit performance, findings and history. Executives can check the status of any active audit and view who is working on a certain component in the process through comprehensive and easy-to-read dashboards.

In addition to the new Audit Manager application, Keylight&trade 3.3 features a number of other enhancements, including more data integration with LockPath's Security Manager application, enhanced reporting capabilities, new assessment features and a more robust content library. The new version builds upon Keylight's&trade reputation for being highly scalable, introducing more automation and visualization and giving end users more customizable control.

Specific enhancements include:

More integrations: The Security Manager application, formerly Threat Manager, now contains new connectors for data integrations, including web application risks and configuration findings. In addition to scanning for vulnerabilities, Security Manager now pulls information on web application threats from Acunetix, IBM Rational App Scan, HP WebInspect, Qualys WAS and WhiteHat Sentinel scans.

Advanced data visualizations: Friendly, menu-driven controls empower the end-user to quickly capture and surface meaningful data from throughout the organization. Fueled by Keylight's&trade patent-pending Dynamic Content Framework, flexible configuration now resides in the hands of the core business team, rather than the development team. A library of charts and report types delivers powerful ways to visually compare data sets and offers more choice in how information is presented. New chart types like tree maps let users drill down from high-level summary data all the way to baseline information with point-and-click ease. Data items on a chart can now be grouped together, providing new ways for executives to gain visibility into critical operational data and for managers to facilitate related tasks with integrated workflow tools.

Enhanced assessments: Customers can now issue automatically-recurring and follow-up assessments, customize email templates, pre-populate answers based on previous surveys, attach documents and more. The platform also lets users create an assessment library containing a collection of user-created questions that can be re-used in the future.

Expanded content library: The latest version of Keylight&trade also includes 92 new authority documents and 1,515 new controls from the Unified Compliance Framework, providing more IT-specific and healthcare content.

For more information about Audit Manager and Keylight&trade 3.3, please visit LockPath.com or call 913-601-4800.

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LockPath speeds and improves organizations' business and risk decision making. Its purpose-built Keylight&trade platform correlates data, policies, procedures and assets from numerous sources to support comprehensive information security management system (ISMS) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) reporting across any organization. Forward-thinking product design is recognized by analysts and leading industry publications/awards as the next generation of GRC. LockPath is headquartered in Kansas City. Visit LockPath.com to learn more.

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