LANDesk Software Introducing New Secure User Management Suite

LANDesk Software Solution Version 9.5 SP1 expands cross-platform management and protection, mobile device, and software asset management

July 10, 2013

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SALT LAKE CITY – July 9, 2013 - LANDesk Software, a global leader in integrated systems lifecycle management, endpoint security and IT service management, today announced the general availability of Secure User Management Suite. Secure User Management Suite is the incorporation of LANDesk's Integrated Systems, Asset and Security Management Solution, LANDesk Management Suite and LANDesk Security Suite into one simplified solution. With Gartner citing that on average 64% of knowledge workers use one or more personal devices[i], LANDesk continues to fulfill the promise it made back in October 2012 to enterprise IT leaders that it will develop solutions to help global IT organizations manage, maintain and secure unlimited user devices at one price per end-user to better serve their business needs.

"IT managers have evolved their focus from the endpoint to the end-user; we call this User-Oriented IT and we are passionately delivering products that support this changing landscape," said Stephen Daly, President and CEO, LANDesk Software. "We continue to align the LANDesk product portfolio with one vision – User-Oriented IT – through our user management solutions: Total User Management and Secure User Management Suite. LANDesk's Secure User Management Suite is one more way LANDesk is committed to fulfill the vision of User-Oriented IT in every organization. Through this release of Secure User Management Suite, enterprise IT leaders are rising to meet today's challenges of managing, maintaining and securing user devices to better their business regardless of what type of device it is, whether it is corporate owned or BYOD, or managed on-premise or in the cloud. "

Secure User Management Suite extends IT managers' view of all the assets in their environment – from smartphones to software licenses – while enabling extensive endpoint security and broad platform support. Using Secure User Management Suite, IT managers are able to support the endpoint and bring the benefits of User-Oriented IT into their organization without sacrificing security, productivity or control. Secure User Management Suite provides:

Integrated Systems and Asset Management: Client management tools that manage and control everything on the network, from PCs, Macs and laptops to servers, software assets and mobile devices. Through these critical tools, IT can control costs and business risks to avoid overbuying licenses, costly fines and wasting energy resources, which affect the budget and the company's bottom line. Enhancements include:

· LANDesk Data Analytics, which can help IT organizations reduce the risk of failing audits by measuring software usage for Group Licensed software

· LANDesk Management Suite, which now offers Automated Software License Reclamation, allowing companies to reclaim unused or underused software from systems and reducing organization software costs

· LANDesk Mobility Manager, which continues to offer full integration into LANDesk Management Suite console, as well as additional functions that were developed through the acquisition of Wavelink in 2012

· Monitor software usage in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, along with native support for App-V software delivery

Endpoint Security Management: LANDesk's tradition of excellence in endpoint security continues through a single integrated console that offers multiple layers of security through patch management, antivirus and application control help organizations comply with standards such as PCI DSS, FDCC, SCAP, FIPS, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA/HITECH. Enhancements include:

· Upgraded LANDesk Antivirus* powered by Kaspersky Endpoint 10, which enables organizations to protect devices running Windows 8 and, new to LANDesk in 9.5 SP1, Apple Mac OS X machines

· Supports aligning with government and industry standards ensuring LANDesk communication to and from Windows clients is protected via the Cloud Service Appliance (CSA)

· Latest version of LANDesk Patch Manager, which allows administrators to set a timeframe and fine tune circumstances for permissible circumstances to patch a system

· HP ElitePad integration, which allows the end-user and the administrator to confidently use an HP ElitePad by enabling the device to change its security posture based on the devices location,

· Administrative geo-fencing an area to control how open or closed a machine should be based on its IP address or geo-location coordinates

LANDesk's Secure User Management Suite includes the following LANDesk products, each available individually:

LANDesk Management Suite includes:

· Asset Inventory & Discovery

· Software Distribution

· OS Provisioning & Migration

· Remote Control/Problem Resolution/Power Management

· Software License Monitoring & Management

LANDesk Security Suite (LDSS) includes:

· Application Control

· LANDesk Patch Manager

LANDesk Mobility Manager (LDMO) v9.5 SP1

LANDesk Data Analytics (LDDA) v9.5 SP1

LANDesk SmartVue 2.0

*Add-On's Available

LANDesk Antivirus (Kaspersky Lab Endpoint v10)

LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance (for distributed/remote users)

The recent release of LANDesk Software Solution Version 9.5 SP1 expands cross-platform management and protection, mobile device and software asset management, and adds significant remote management improvements, and includes many user management capabilities.


For a full list of all enhancements and features please visit


LANDesk's Secure User Management Suite and its associated products are now available for purchase. Customers can inquire about industry-leading pricing information from a LANDesk representative.

About LANDesk Software

LANDesk Software is a leading provider of systems lifecycle management, endpoint security, and IT service management solutions for desktops, servers and mobile devices across the enterprise. LANDesk enables IT to deliver business value by gaining control of end-user computing with a single console, light infrastructure, and ITIL solutions that deliver significant ROI for thousands of customers worldwide. LANDesk is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with offices located in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, and can be found at

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