LANDesk Furthers Cloud Management Capabilities With Service Desk As A Service

Enables IT administrators to design processes without having to write code

October 19, 2011

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Weybridge, UK – Oct 19, 2011 – As cloud computing continues to reshape today’s enterprise landscape, IT administrators are demanding flexible management solutions that enable them to define how they provide support capabilities to end users. In order to meet this growing demand, LANDesk Software, a global leader in systems lifecycle management, endpoint security and IT service management, today announced LANDesk' Service Desk as a Service. LANDesk Service Desk as a Service can be leveraged in the same way as a typical cloud-based solution, with all data and services accessible remotely over the Internet; or a hybrid approach can be taken – where services, integration points and even data can be split between on premise and cloud. This flexible delivery method provides the ultimate synergy across the enterprise, enabling secure usage based on business priorities, the type of data, the service or the location, both in the cloud or on premise.

For IT environments where a cloud-based service desk makes the most sense, LANDesk Service Desk as a Service provides one of the most feature-rich IT service management cloud solutions available. For companies that seek the ease of a hosted model, along with the security, flexibility and robustness of an on-premise solution, LANDesk also offers a unique hybrid model. Unlike pure cloud-based or pure on-premise solutions, the hybrid cloud approach provides IT departments with the flexibility to adjust and readjust how their Service Desk is hosted at any time, enabling them to adapt as their enterprise environment shifts and grows.

In addition, Service Desk as a Service provides the same rich functionality and ability to adopt ITIL processes as LANDesk Service Desk delivered on-premise, including LANDesk Self Service, which allows users to log their own incidents; LANDesk Service Catalogue, which provides employees with a storefront view of services available to them; and LANDesk Web Desk, which provides a browser interface to Service Desk for IT analysts and administrators.

LANDesk Service Desk as a Service also enables IT administrators to design processes without having to write code. Unlike a number of competitive solutions on the market today, IT departments do not require a developer on staff or any addition of custom code to get Service Desk as a Service up and running. LANDesk provides drag and drop functionality so that setup and ongoing enhancement is easy.

“We created software-as-a-service functionality for Service Desk to provide a full range of service desk provisioning and delivery options," said Steve Workman, vice president of product management, LANDesk Software. “In order to better enable IT organizations in balancing the benefits of cloud-based accessibility and premise-managed security, LANDesk has provided a unique combination of cloud-to-premise IT service management solutions, allowing customers to optimize the configuration of their service desk by leveraging the cloud, existing on-premise infrastructure or by taking advantage of both via a hybrid approach."

Given the wide range of enterprise IT environments around the world, there is no one software delivery model to fit all. In addition, IT administrators, along with end users are now demanding more choices than ever before. Service Desk as a Service was created to address these demands and by doing so has garnered the praise of industry influencers.

“Through years of consulting and research, it’s become increasingly apparent that IT adopters not only prefer choices, they need them as technical and staffing resources change and as strategic initiatives and business objectives evolve,” said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, EMA. “LANDesk’s new offerings are optimized to deliver maximum choice in selecting SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid deployments in a well-defined, well-governed, cost-effective and responsible approach. EMA has been very impressed with LANDesk’s progress as it grows beyond its native strengths in asset and systems management into a more robust, process-centric architecture to help unify the service desk more effectively with operations.”

Service Desk as a Service now extends additional LANDesk cloud solutions, such as the Cloud Services Appliance and patch content hosted services, enabling organizations to manage any system in the cloud. Service Desk as a Service is available today. Visit for more information.

About LANDesk Software LANDesk Software is a leading provider of systems lifecycle management, endpoint security, and IT service management solutions for desktops, servers and mobile devices, from the enterprise to the cloud. LANDesk enables IT to deliver business value by gaining control of end-user computing with a single console, light infrastructure, and ITIL solutions that deliver significant ROI for thousands of customers worldwide. LANDesk is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with offices located in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific and can be found at

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