Invary Raises $1.85M in Pre-Seed Funding to Close Critical Gap in Zero Trust Security

The company introduces a solution to restore trust in customers' existing cyber defense techstack.

June 29, 2023

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LAWRENCE, Kan., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Invary, a cybersecurity pioneer focused on detecting hidden malware and preventing costly ransomware attacks, has raised pre-seed funding to launch its innovative solution. The investment was led by Flyover Capital, with additional participation from NetWork Kansas GROWKS Equity program, and the KU Innovation Park.

The pre-seed funding round will fuel the launch of Invary's flagship Runtime Integrity offering, designed to uncover and neutralize hidden threats that elude modern threat detection systems. This unique service debuts this summer, and will empower organizations to fortify their security postures and proactively safeguard their digital environment against high impact attacks.

Additionally, Invary's free Runtime Integrity Score (RISe) service is available now, allowing customers to spot-check their system's integrity and identify hidden malware.

The Invary leadership team brings decades of operational expertise in Trusted Computing research and reunites entrepreneurs with a successful history of collaboration. The company is spearheaded by CEO Jason Rogers, who has extensive experience building secure cloud-scale platforms, and scaling engineering & operations at category leader Matterport through IPO. The team's security credentials are further bolstered by founder Dr. Perry Alexander, a distinguished authority in Trusted Computing research and his protege and former student, Dr. Wesley Peck, the CTO of Invary, who obtained his PhD under Dr. Alexander's guidance.

The highly dynamic nature of today's threat landscape poses a significant challenge to the security posture of all organizations, including those with advanced defenses like XDR, SIEM and CNAPP solutions. The primary flaw within these defense layers stems from their assumption that the operating system remains uncompromised. This leaves a critical gap in the overall security infrastructure that threat actors can discreetly exploit to prepare a ransomware attack or data breach. This oversight is incredibly problematic because a staggering 72% of cyberattacks occur in production according to Datadog's latest State of Application Security report. 

Invary plugs this security gap at runtime by mandating continuous validation of the operating system - making it an indispensable component of a "trust nothing" Zero Trust architecture. Built on an exclusive intellectual property grant from the NSA, Invary's technology provides proven and superior protection for the digital environment, pinpointing compromise with high confidence, eliminating superfluous, noisy monitoring data.

Jon Broek, CEO of Tenfold Security, a leader in cloud security services, said, "Invary Runtime Integrity gives us an unfair advantage over the competition when deployed with our security solutions for cloud and virtual machines. It also provides a key component of keeping our customers secured end to end and preventing things like ransomware that are highly targeting our core customers in higher education."  

"We are thrilled to have secured this pre-seed funding, as it validates the need for  Invary's novel technology to shore up existing cyber defenses against high impact hidden threats," said Jason Rogers, CEO of Invary. "With the support of our investors, customers and partners, we are well-positioned to advance our mission of fortifying the security ecosystem by reinforcing Zero Trust principles."

The IT team at LMH Health said, "One of the key challenges in combating destructive ransomware is the hidden malware within operating systems that often serves as the foundation for such attacks. Invary Runtime Integrity gives visibility into a part of the system overlooked by most other security tools. We are able to gain confidence that the operating system has not been compromised, but if there are cases where anomalies are detected, a wealth of information is provided to help determine if they are benign, intentional or potentially malicious." 

"Ensuring the safety of our customers and cyber community is our #1 priority. Our pre-seed funding enables us to realize this dedication by continuously improving Invary's Runtime Integrity Service while also making our agent open source. We're proud to enhance operating system security for all by accelerating the industry's progress toward truly comprehensive Zero Trust Architectures," said Dr. Wesley Peck, CTO of Invary. 

The successful completion of the pre-seed funding round underscores Invary's commitment to pushing the boundaries of Runtime Security. With this significant investment, Invary is poised to accelerate its growth, enhance its technology and expand its reach in preventing data breaches and ransomware attacks.

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About Invary

Invary is the leader in operating system runtime validation and security. The company's technology detects hidden, high impact threats to the operating system that are missed by other foundational defense systems including XDR, SIEM and CNAPP platforms. By securing the integrity of the operating system as a first class citizen in the "trust nothing" entity list of Zero Trust architectures, Invary becomes an indispensable part of modern cyberdefense. Based on an exclusive IP grant from the NSA and proven technology that has been deployed in real-world, critical infrastructure, Invary's proprietary technology ensures malware, ransomware and other hidden, high impact threats commonly found in operating systems are exposed — before they can cause downtime and expand the blast radius of attack.

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