Safe Eyes Business software-as-a-service enables employers to block user access to select Web content

July 9, 2009

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ATLANTA, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- today released Safe Eyes Business, an end-point PC/Mac Internet filtering service that enables employers to curtail unproductive and potentially litigious online behavior by blocking user access to select Web content. The service covers both office and mobile users with virtually no customer overhead. Individual or group settings are defined through a central Web portal that eliminates the need to configure computers individually. The server-side infrastructure is hosted by under the SaaS model, requiring no in-house management.

Companies, schools, churches and other organizations can use Safe Eyes Business to reduce non-work-related Internet surfing, reclaim associated bandwidth, and prevent costly lawsuits stemming from user viewing of illegal or sexually suggestive material. The service also helps limit computer infection by spyware and other malicious code that may be inadvertently downloaded from third-party websites.

Safe Eyes Business is priced at just $24.95 per seat per year, one-third the cost of other end-point filters, with no minimum or maximum number of users.

"Most Internet filtering products for businesses protect organizations when employees are sitting in the office, but the protection stops the minute users walk out the door. That leaves companies with mobile or remote workers, or even those whose users take their laptops home at night, exceptionally vulnerable," said Forrest Collier, CEO of "Safe Eyes Business offers 100% protection regardless of the user's location, which is a must in today's mobile world."

Block It Your Way

Based on's award-winning consumer filtering technology, Safe Eyes Business allows administrators to block objectionable or leisure-time websites in any mix of 35 categories ranging from sports to pornography. Users can also be barred from accessing instant messaging programs, social networking sites, and high-bandwidth applications such as iTunes, media players and peer-to-peer file sharing programs like BitTorrent, conserving network bandwidth that would otherwise be used to download music, movies and videos.

Safe Eyes Business also allows employers to limit Internet use to specific times as well as monitor users' Internet activity. Color-coded reports indicate the number of blacklisted sites requested by each user, and the software also logs specific websites and programs visited.

Full Coverage, No Overhead

While the fact that the Safe Eyes Business client resides on the user's computer allows filtering to extend beyond the four walls of the enterprise, management is simplified by InternetSafety,com's server-side hosting and other technical benefits. These include:

-- No in-house infrastructure - The server component of Safe Eyes Business is hosted at the data center. All maintenance, policy management and daily blacklist updates are handled remotely with no customer intervention required. -- Centralized administration - Every account can be managed through the Web portal without touching individual computers, whether the organization has 20 or 20,000 users. -- Filtering by group or user -Different filtering policies can be applied to individual users or to groups (marketing, accounting, sales, etc.). All settings can be customized with a click through the Web portal. -- Uninstall-proof -The client software cannot be uninstalled without an administrator password or uninstall code, ensuring ongoing coverage. -- PC & Mac support - While most business filtering software is designed only for Windows PCs, Safe Eyes Business can be used in PC-only, Mac-only and mixed PC/Mac computing environments with a single management console.

Reaping the Benefits

One company that has successfully used the service to gain control over users' online activities is Dahn Corporation, a 100-location real estate investment and asset management firm that also runs self-storage facilities. "By using Safe Eyes Business to limit access to social networks, web mail and other non-essential websites, we have significantly reduced employee time wasted on personal Web surfing," said Ryan Rogers, Vice President. "At the same time, we have substantially trimmed malware-related hardware replacements and tech support time required to debug infected systems. This is a direct result of barring access to non-work-related content."

Safe Eyes Business is available immediately at

About has been a leading provider of web filtering solutions for consumers and businesses since 1999. The company's flagship software, Safe Eyes, is the two-time recipient of the PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award, earned a separate Editor's Choice Award from LAPTOP Magazine, and was rated as the #1 parental control solution by America's leading consumer advocacy publication. Other products include Safe Eyes Mobile, the first family-safe browser for the iPhone; EtherShield, a network-level solution offering plug-and-play Internet filtering for business environments; and Safe Eyes Business, an end-point filtering service for businesses of any size. The company's products are used by customers in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit

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