Integrity Global Security Unveils First EAL 7 CertifiableType-1 Hypervisor

INTEGRITY Secure Type-1 Hypervisor provides centralized, remote provisioning, in both thin-and thick-client form factors

September 14, 2010

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Santa Barbara, CA (September 14, 2010) - INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Hills Software, Inc. and the leading provider of high-robustness IT security solutions for government and commercial enterprises, today released the world's first EAL 7 certifiable Type-1 Hypervisor. Based on the same high assurance technology and development process that resulted in the world's first and only EAL 6+ High Robustness certification for Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY-178B Separation Kernel, the INTEGRITY Secure Type-1 Hypervisor delivers a unique secure virtualization capability not possible with traditional Type-1 hypervisors.

The INTEGRITY Secure Type-1 Hypervisor simplifies IT implementation and management for enterprises and government agencies by reducing the need for an administrator to manage multiple platforms and by ensuring that the virtualization technology itself does not require complex management models and training. The INTEGRITY solution provides centralized, remote provisioning, in both thin-and thick-client form factors. The result is a more efficient computing infrastructure, with reduced costs for hardware, maintenance, and energy.

Takes Advantage of Intel vPro Technology Because it divides a computer into multiple "virtual computers", the hypervisor must be built from the ground up for absolute security to prevent malicious or unintended data leakage or denial of service between virtual machines. INTEGRITY Global Security has worked closely with Intel to ensure the application of each company's respective technology; INTEGRITY Global Security is the only company to utilize EAL 7 processes and correctly take advantage of the Virtualization and Trusted Execution Technology features within Intel Core vPro processors.

"Intel Core vPro processors provide a sophisticated and powerful hardware platform for virtualized client environments," said Michael Liacko, EVP at INTEGRITY Global Security. "However, not all hypervisors are created equal, and next-generation deployment models demand security between workloads, users and networks. INTEGRITY is the only company that has provided the highest level of security assurance demanded in these environments. "

"The integration of Intel Core vPro processors and INTEGRITY's Secure Type-1 Hypervisor enables businesses to benefit from the security and performance of hardware-assisted virtualization," said Lisa Watts, director, Ecosystem Development, Intel Business Client Platform Division. "Enterprises can now receive high levels of security assurance and performance possible with INTEGRITY and vPro technologies."

Examples of organizations that require Secure Type-1 virtualization include governments with multiple classified or compartmentalized networks; healthcare providers that must isolate sensitive patient information systems from corporate intranets and the Internet; outsourced call centers that must keep individual customer data and networks separated; corporations which must manage highly sensitive intellectual property; and critical infrastructure such as electric power, oil, nuclear, and financial.

Built with INTEGRITY The INTEGRITY Secure Type-1 Hypervisor leverages the INTEGRITY-178B real-time separation kernel, the only software that runs in the computer's most privileged mode. In contrast to other Type-1 hypervisors, which can only host virtual machines, the separation kernel provides a unique ability to run trusted applications as well as virtual machines. This enables the deployment of critical functionality, such as multi-level security (MLS), which cannot be entrusted to a general-purpose guest operating system.

Traditional Type 1 hypervisors are certifiable to EAL 4, a standard deemed suitable only for protection against casual and inadvertent attempts to breach security.

In contrast, the INTEGRITY-178B separation kernel is certified against the U.S. Government Protection Profile for Separation Kernels in Environments Requiring High Robustness, which outlines the requirements - including NSA penetration testing and formal mathematical proof of security - for the protection of high-valued resources against well-funded and sophisticated attackers.

For additional technical and purchasing information, please visit . About INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC INTEGRITY Global Security, a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Hills Software, is the leading expert in providing the highest-certified IT security solutions for government, military and commercial enterprises. The foundation of INTEGRITY Global Security is the INTEGRITY-178B Separation Kernel, the first and only operating system to be evaluated by the NSA and certified by NIAP to EAL6+ High Robustness for the protection of classified and high value information against well-funded sophisticated attackers. INTEGRITY Global Security is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. INTEGRITY Global SecurityT, Secured with INTEGRITYT and Making Computing SecureT are trademarks or registered trademarks of INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. To learn more about how INTEGRITY Global Security can make computing secure for your organization please visit

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