Infoblox And CA Technologies Deliver Network Automation And Compliance Capabilities

Infoblox Trinzic NetMRI is being bundled and integrated into the CA Unified Automation portfolio

January 31, 2012

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2012 — Infoblox Inc. announced today that it and CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) have entered into a strategic partnership, whereby its Infoblox Trinzic NetMRI network automation and compliance product is being bundled and integrated into the CA Unified Automation portfolio, and rebranded as CA Network Automation. (See related announcement issued today: “CA Technologies Unified Automation Changes the Game for IT Service Delivery”.)

CA Network Automation, based on Infoblox Trinzic NetMRI, offers essential automated network tasks, including change and configuration management and compliance capabilities, which can significantly improve an IT team’s operational efficiency and accelerate application time-to-value.

“As IT teams move toward deploying on-demand, real-time applications operating in virtualized or cloud environments, they will face a simultaneous increase in network complexity when the need arises to quickly perform changes,” says Roger Pilc, General Manager, Virtualization and Automation, CA Technologies. “CA Network Automation plays a crucial role by automating the adjustments that simplify network operations, accelerate problem solving and deliver enhanced monitoring capabilities in multi-vendor IT environments. We’re excited to be partnering with Infoblox to offer solutions that help our customers deliver IT services faster as well as more efficiently and consistently.”

“As organizations move to take advantage of mobility, virtualization and cloud applications on a grander scale, ever-changing network conditions and requirements will become increasingly daunting for IT professionals to tackle with the largely manual tools and processes currently in place,” says Jim Frey, Managing Research Director, Network Management at EMA. “Adopting proven automation tools to streamline highly repetitive tasks can help change the balance in a positive way by speeding implementations, assuring policy compliance, and reducing costly errors and operational network delays that can otherwise be a barrier to success for strategic IT initiatives.”

Infoblox and CA Technologies Change the Game to Drive IT Efficiency and Help Ensure Compliance

CA Network Automation, based on the Infoblox Trinzic NetMRI solution, offers powerful infrastructure change and configuration automation and management visibility into the health, policy and compliance of the network. Detailed benefits and capabilities that Trinzic NetMRI brings to the CA Technologies Unified Automation solution include:

Improved productivity and reduced costs with automated monitoring, collection and analysis of network configurations, visibility into the impact of changes on network health, remediation options and multi-user roles and access.

Management of a compliant network with identification of policy violations, PCI and SOX standards-based configurations, proactive change monitoring, user-based tracking, audit logs, and built-in compliance reports.

Automating these essential network infrastructure tasks and processes also helps establish a more dynamic network, eliminate dependencies on IT experts and reduce operational network delays that stall broad adoption of strategic IT initiatives.

For example, in a cloud network service request scenario, network automation efficiencies can help an enterprise IT team dramatically improve response time and reduce costs to just a fraction of the estimated conventional approach, according to Infoblox’s estimates. Five hundred new service requests, each requiring an average of eight manual configuration steps, can add up to nearly 200 hours of an IT expert’s time, costing thousands of dollars. Deploying new network automation tools in this scenario can help avoid many numerous and repetitive manual steps, and greatly reduce the IT expert’s time required for the same number of new service requests.

“Incorporating Infoblox Trinzic NetMRI into the CA Unified Automation solution creates clear differentiation for those IT enterprises and service providers evaluating automated change and configuration platforms,” said Tim Riley, Infoblox Vice President of Business Development. “Leveraging core NetMRI functionality, coupled with the additional automation capabilities from CA Technologies, provides these IT teams the necessary tools to transform their IT service delivery and drive business innovation faster at a lower cost.”

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About Infoblox

Infoblox is a global leader in automated IT network control solutions. The Company’s purpose-built physical and virtual appliance platforms combine real-time IP address management (IPAM) with network control, configuration and change capabilities. The solutions help Infoblox’s more than 5,000 end customers achieve more dynamic and reliable networks, efficient operations and increased value from their virtualization and cloud computing initiatives. Headquarters are in Santa Clara, Calif. with additional operations in 30 countries.

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