iboss Launches Threat And Event Console

Solution provides visual insight into possible cyberthreats, mobile device malware breaches, and network attacks from social media sites

December 13, 2013

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San Diego, CA – December 11, 2013 - iboss today announced its new Threat and Event console, a core component of the company's Secure Web Gateway platform. A provider of network security solutions, iboss is releasing new functionality that gives enterprises unparalleled access to possible cybersecurity threats, malware breaches on mobile devices and attacks entering the network from social media sites. This system increases insight, shortens mitigation response and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 30%.

The iboss platform provides visibility of everything going in and out of a network, across every single network port, identifying the known and the unknown. As an example, there are 65,535 ports on a network and legacy Web security vendors, if port focused, typically monitor only ports 80 and 443. Advanced threats, applications and even SaaS services are increasingly utilizing non-standard ports outside of port 80 and 443. iboss provides the visibility to identify what is traversing your network regardless of the port utilized, providing administrators more content visibility and allowing them to establish more actionable policy.

Unlike legacy network security vendors that focus on log-based threat detection and reporting, iboss approaches the network in a completely different manner by addressing who, and from where, a person connects. iboss' cloud-based platform drills deep into a network, identifying odd behaviors and surfacing 'shadow IT'. This allows companies to create actionable policies that address the high-risk user behavior.

The new Threat and Event console utilizes exclusive features, such as threat GeoMapping and heat map technology, to provide an instant visual pinpoint of threats across a global map. A few examples of the advanced levels of visibility include:

Packet level visibility across all network activity to identify Shadow IT and high-risk user behavior

Advanced data collaboration that dynamically maps connections to the organization they represent and then correlates the information to the directory user creating the event

Ability to track data movement to high-risk countries and organizations based on data quantity, type and where the data is originating from (i.e. company database servers)

Live dashboards that provide information up-to-the second to identify high-risk activities, threats and data movement allowing for more effective mitigation

"Cybersecurity and privacy concerns are now front and center, thanks to the NSA revelations and advanced ways hackers can get into networks. These threats include mobile devices too, as malware is focusing on Android and iOS devices. These devices can be compromised when they are outside the network, infecting upon return," said Peter Martini, COO and co-founder of iboss. "Today's network security vendors and most enterprise environments are just not prepared to track, analyze and understand that type of traffic. Since we started shipping our iboss platform a year ago, we've replaced many legacy vendor installs at enterprises who need to have more insight and visibility into their networks. Many IT administers just don't realize what can actually be seen on the network, as outdated technology doesn't provide that option."

The Threat and Event console benefits include:

Live threat and bandwidth dashboards

Instant URL / ad-hoc reporting capabilities, including compliance reporting and automated backups

A dynamic drill-down interface that includes mobile device threats to allow IT to easily see the issues with the network

The iboss Secure Web Gateway combines:

Web Security (HTTP/S)

Scanning Inside SSL

Layer 7 Application Management DPI/Heuristics/Signatures

BYOD Management- Authentication, Bandwidth, High Risk Quarantine

Mobile Security - On/Off Premise Security

Bandwidth Throttling and QoS

Integrated Threat & Event Console

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