HiSoftware Releases Next Generation Of Solutions For NewsGator Social Compliance Monitoring

Solution helps organizations better detect, document, and prevent privacy breaches and exposure of confidential information in their social environments

November 14, 2012

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NASHUA, N.H., November 13, 2012 -- Collaboration may well be the business buzzword of the century. Companies are increasingly adopting enterprise social platforms to support collaboration, communication and employee knowledge. However, on-going dialogue, the cornerstone of social computing, often exposes the enterprise to risk. With HiSoftware's latest release of the company's integrated solution for NewsGator Social Sites, organizations can better detect, document and prevent privacy breaches and exposure of confidential information in their social environment.

The HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP2010 suite paired with the NewsGator Connector automatically monitors, flags, deletes and reports on internal and regulatory policy violations including, but not limited to, obscenities, sexually suggestive material, hostile language, trade secrets, protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), credit card numbers, FINRA violations and potential corruption/bribery. The products work in tandem with NewsGator Social Sites to effectively manage social content and ensure inappropriate or sensitive company material stays out of the public domain, to mitigate risk and limit damage to a company's reputation.

"NewsGator is committed to delivering social that works," said Melissa Risteff, NewsGator's senior vice president of global marketing and alliances. "Our partnership with HiSoftware ensures that enterprises can feel comfortable allowing their interaction workers to collaborate freely and safely via our integrated solution, while simultaneously protecting both the individual and the company from regulatory and corporate compliance violations."

The NewsGator Connector includes an improved UI and advanced features to:

· Monitor content within Social Sites modules including but not limited to Microblogging, Activity Streams, Communities and Spheres for corporate and regulatory policy violations.

· Detect, flag and notify the individual who submitted the content and designated individual(s) like the Privacy Officer and department manager of the accidental posting of sensitive information for fast resolution and policy enforcement.

· Set-up Information Barriers (also known as "Chinese Walls" in ISE Rule 810) between internal communities, such as research groups and traders in financial securities companies.

· Leverage HR acceptable use policies to mitigate risk, protect the organization from potentially harmful exposure, educate employees and improve online behavior.

· Audit and log all events pertaining to activity streams.

· Allow users to set the priority of and weight result values for risk tolerance using "Intelligent Checkpoints."

"The rapid adoption of enterprise social strategies is transforming the way we work," said HiSoftware CEO Kurt A. Mueffelmann. "Our solutions allow companies to take advantage of the collaboration and productivity benefits of NewsGator, while helping to reduce risk by monitoring and detecting potential governance and compliance issues, as well as offensive content, before they can harm the business."

About HiSoftware

HiSoftware provides content-aware compliance and security solutions for the monitoring and enforcement of risk management and privacy guidelines across digital environments. The company's solutions provide a data governance and compliance platform for content management and collaboration processes that support corporate and brand integrity, site quality, accessibility and confidentiality for public websites and portals, as well as internal intranets and SharePoint sites. HiSoftware's customers include some of the largest US and international government agencies, as well as Global 2000 companies. For more information, visit http://www.hisoftware.com or follow us on Twitter @HiSoftware.

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