HBGary Launches Virtual Classroom For Incident Response Professionals

Course instructors are HBGary employees who work within HBGary’s Field Services division

March 15, 2013

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Sacramento, California, March 14, 2013, To provide digital investigators and other incident responders the most cutting-edge tools and skills to effectively and accurately detect and respond to today's targeted attacks, today HBGary announced a series of new live online training courses using HBGary solutions including our revolutionary Digital DNA technology. Courses include Active Defense, Basic Malware Analysis Using Responder Pro and Advanced Malware Analysis Using Responder Pro.

Course instructors are experienced HBGary employees who work within HBGary's Field Services division and use HBGary products in real-world scenarios every day to detect unknown malware including rootkits and zero-days and successfully counter targeted attackers.

CPE credits are available based on a 24-hour-class. Courses are open to all attendees and prerequisite courses or experience is not required to attend an HBGary online course; however, for the Advanced Malware Analysis class, we recommend some experience with concepts in Reverse Engineering and Assembly Language.

"We are pleased to now offer our popular instructor-led courses in a new virtual classroom. Memory forensics is one of the hottest areas in the security industry and the demand for quality instruction to use memory forensics to conduct digital investigations has never been greater. By taking our online courses, students not only have access to the defacto industry standard technology and experienced instructors, they benefit from the reduced cost and convenience of taking these courses on their own computer at home or in their office," said Mike Gurzi, HBGary Manager of Services Operations.

HBGary Online Course Descriptions

Basic Malware Analysis Using Responder Pro

This hands-on course provides in-depth coverage of HBGary Responder&trade Professional for live memory analysis, incident response, and binary forensics. Participants use Responder&trade Professional in real-life situations to obtain and analyze a variety of digital evidence from suspect machines. Participants extract binaries from memory images and analyze them graphically to quickly ascertain malicious capabilities and response strategies.

Advanced Malware Analysis Using Responder Pro&trade

This hands-on course provides a challenging and deep level of understanding through using HBGary Responder Professional and HBGary REcon to discover methods used by malware authors to inject code into running processes, detect and reverse-engineer backdoor implants, reverse-engineer drivers and Botnets, and assess the capabilities of virtual machine-based obfuscation techniques used by malware authors. The course concludes with a capture the flag (CTF) team competition, that encompasses the skills and techniques taught during both the Basic and Advanced Malware Analysis courses.

Active Defense&trade

HBGary's Digital DNA&trade patent-pending core technology, which detects malicious code by looking at software behavior, not checksums or signatures, is the core of the Active Defense solution. Active Defense, with its breakthrough, powerful reporting and search capabilities, can deliver Digital DNA&trade to any enterprise by having it installed, configured and utilized as part of the daily tasks of protecting the network by proactively monitoring all the end nodes (host systems). This class will show you how to fully utilize the power of Active Defense and become an expert technician of this product.

Course Format

Classes are taught live Monday thru Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. PT, providing a total 24 hours of content and includes "at you own pace" labs. (Friday classes can go longer to review lab exercises). To facilitate instruction, students are given access to a Training Server so they can have a working copy of the given application and run student lab exercises. Course fees include: Access to the Virtual Classroom, Lab Server for "at you own pace' exercises during the class week, and 6 month access to your class's recorded sessions for ongoing review and follow-up.

Upcoming 2013 Course Schedule:

April 1-5th Active Defense

May 13th-17th Basic Malware Analysis: Responder Pro

June 10th-14th Advanced Malware Analysis: Responder Pro

August 19-23rd Basic Malware Analysis: Responder Pro

September 16th-20th Advanced Malware Analysis: Responder Pro

October 7th-11th Active Defense

November 11th-15th Basic Malware Analysis: Responder Pro

December 9th-13th Advanced Malware Analysis: Responder Pro

Registration Information

The classes are offered at a discount price of $1,995 per student until June 30th. Starting July 1, 2013, the cost of the class will be $2,995 per student. To register for an upcoming class, please contact [email protected]. You will then be provided additional registration and payment details. An e-mail confirmation is sent to you within 24 hours of registering. If you have not received e-mail confirmation within 24 hours of registering or if you need any assistance with the registration process, please call 916-459-4727 ext. 146.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to access your course within 24 hours after payment is completed.

For more questions, please contact [email protected] or visit our Training FAQ document here http://hbgary.com/training.

About HBGary

HBGary provides Enterprise Incident Response solutions and services to enable organizations to conduct key phases of incident response including detecting zero-days and other unknown malware, validating whether an actual incident has occurred, and responding to the incident. Customers include Fortune 50 corporations and U.S. government agencies. HBGary is located in Sacramento, Calif. and is a subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation. For information, please visit www.hbgary.com or HBGary's Twitter feed or Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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