HBGary And HP Enterprise Security Partner To Deliver Advanced Threat Intelligence On The ArcSight Platform To Combat Targeted Attacks

Active Defense is now integrated with HP Enterprise Security’s ArcSight SIEM solutions

January 20, 2012

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Sacramento, CA, January 19, 2012, Today HBGary, Inc. announced that Active Defense,™ the most comprehensive host solution on the market today for detecting Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), has integrated with HP Enterprise Security’s ArcSight Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions gaining the Common Event Format (CEF) Certification, an open log management standard that improves the interoperability of security-information from different security and network devices and applications.

HBGary also announced that the company has become a Gold partner in HP’s Enterprise Security Technology Ecosystem Alliance program. The technology partnership between HBGary and HP Enterprise Security creates the first real-time event notification solution to counter APT.

HBGary’s flagship product, Active Defense™ with Digital DNA™ monitors host physical memory, raw disk, and live operating systems concurrently across the enterprise to get an unprecedented view of host-level, new, derivatives of known threats and unknown threats. When integrated with Active Defense™, HP Enterprise Security’s ArcSight Enterprise Threat and Risk Management (ETRM) platform can leverage the most advanced threat intelligence available today, alerting on adaptive, APT-style attacks including memory-only rootkits, botnet communications, and other types of advanced exploit tools.

“We are very excited to partner with HBGary, a proven technology leader in providing active defense against today’s advanced persistent threats,” said Buck Watia, Director of Business Development, HP Enterprise Security. “This integration will provide our customers with actionable threat intelligence about the attacks taking place inside their networks so they can quickly mitigate risk and completely evict the attackers.”

“Security vendors must work together to help organizations defeat today’s APT attacks-- every day, companies are compromised, but few will learn about it until days, weeks or even months afterward,” said Penny Leavy, President of HBGary, Inc. “HBGary is pleased to integrate with ArcSight and partner with HP Enterprise Security to deliver immediate advanced threat intelligence so we can help our customers stay ahead of the threat curve.”

For more information on HBGary Active Defense™, please visit http://hbgary.com/active-defense

About CEF Program

The ArcSight CEF certification program assists technology companies that want to adopt, test, and certify their compatibility with the ArcSight platform. The objective of the CEF certification program is to provide a well-defined process that includes documentation, event categorization assistance, and access to a hosted ArcSight ESM solution, for testing and Web support.

The CEF connector allows ArcSight ESM to connect to, aggregate, filter, correlate, and analyze events from applications and devices which output their logs in the CEF standard, utilizing the syslog transport protocol. For example you can use this powerful text-based log format to collect logs from your customized or home grown applications if you modify their output to the CEF standard.

About HBGary, Inc.

HBGary, Inc. was founded in 2003 to develop products to counter APT and other unknown cyberthreats. HBGary has in-depth expertise in advanced malware, rootkits, zero-day exploits, and targeted threats. Customers include Fortune 500 corporations, DOD and other U.S. government agencies. HBGary, Inc. is headquartered in Sacramento, Calif. with offices in the Washington D.C. area. For information, please visit http://www.hbgary.com.

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