Fidelis Rolls Out Threat Intelligence Services

New offerings provide customers with access to the Direct Response service

April 20, 2012

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Fidelis Security Systems, the market leader in network visibility, analysis, and control solutions, today announced the creation of Fidelis Insight™ Threat Intelligence Services combined with the promotion of former Director of Research & Services, Will Irace, to Vice President of Threat Research.

The new Fidelis Insight services are an extension of the Irace-led Fidelis Threat Research Team, and will help enterprise security personnel enhance their security posture through more effective use of their Fidelis XPS™ network security solutions. The new offerings provide customers with access to the Direct Response service, as well as automated Dynamic Threat Intelligence feeds.

· The Dynamic Threat Intelligence service, available at no charge to all Fidelis XPS customers, is comprised of policies and intelligence feeds delivered on a continuous basis to all Fidelis XPS management consoles from a cloud-based service operated by Fidelis. This will allow for real-time discovery and prevention of activity involving known malicious files and sites involved with malware, phishing and botnets. By combining reputational intelligence with finely crafted rules developed by the Fidelis Threat Research Team, customers will be able to leverage Fidelis XPS to combat both known and unknown threats with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

· The Direct Response service provides direct access to seasoned cyber security veterans and Fidelis policy authors who can assist in the creation of rules. These experts serve as an extension of an enterprise’s security team, particularly in periods of crisis. Through Direct Response, subscribers can make steady, measurable progress towards a state of justified confidence regarding their defensive posture against sophisticated adversaries.

“Fidelis understands that securing the modern enterprise and combating advanced threats requires a deft combination of people, process and technology,” said Irace. “When attackers exhibit sophistication, defenders must as well. Even as our product and internally authored policy improves, ‘push-button security’ is not an option for today’s sensitive targets. With Fidelis Insight, we are pleased to offer real-time intelligence and threat response services to help our customers face those threats with confidence.”

Irace has previously served in a variety of roles over the course of his years with the company, including Senior Solutions Architect and Director of Research & Services.

"My career-long mission has always been about leading teams of smart people who do interesting work,” said Irace. “Never has my team been smarter, nor the work more interesting. And it's a good thing, because we face an immense challenge. Online adversaries are sophisticated, better equipped, and more effectively coordinated than ever. I am thrilled to be named Vice President of Threat Research; we’re redoubling our efforts to help our customers and the security community meet this challenge."

Upcoming Webinar

Learn more about how threat intelligence services can assist enterprises with eradicating APTs by attending the upcoming webinar, “With Knowledge Comes Power: Facing Advanced Threats with Confidence” at 1:00 p.m. EST on April 26, 2012. Please visit to register.

External Resources

· For more information on Fidelis Insight, visit, or call 800-652-4020.

· Read Will’s industry insight and perspective at Threat Geek, or follow him on Twitter at @spblat.

· Connect with Fidelis Security Systems on Twitter at @FidSecSys or on LinkedIn.

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