Fidelis Introduces Information Flow Map

Features provides real-time view of information through the network

March 12, 2010

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WALTHAM, MA & BETHESDA, MD " March 2, 2010 " Fidelis Security Systems, the leader in network security solutions to prevent data leakage and cyber attacks, today announced the addition of the Information Flow Map as the latest innovative technology feature in its flagship solution, the Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System' (Fidelis XPS)—making it the first network security solution to bring together knowledge of network flow, application, and transmitted data in a real-time visual map. The Information Flow Map feature within Fidelis XPS further enhances the award-winning solution's unrivaled ability to provide comprehensive visibility into all information flowing on the network, and the power to control it.

Built on a patented Deep Session Inspection platform, Fidelis XPS is the industry's only network security solution to provide an important layer of defense to an organization's network security infrastructure with real-time session-level visibility and control on multi-gigabit-speed networks for outbound and optionally bi-directional communications to protect sensitive information from breach—whether to leakage, theft, or exfiltration. Fidelis XPS Information Flow Map enables organizations to:

* Take the knowledge of their network beyond mere "alerts" to an actual understanding of how information is being circulated inside their enterprises and where it is going outside the network; * Gain greater visibility, in real-time, of any policy violations, hidden or unauthorized activities, rogue business processes, and abuse; * Enable comprehensive information protection by illustrating where additional resources need to be applied in the network;

Discover existing business processes as a precursor to setting data leakage policies;

Manage network data security even in situations where the administrator is not permitted to view or act on sensitive content;

* Ascertain the most active hosts on their network, including what information is being sent and protocols being used in order to create policies to remedy any found problems quickly and easily.

"With a vast amount of collaboration happening on today's network, it is challenging to get an accurate picture of what is occurring—and as it happens," said Eric Ouellet, Research Vice President, Gartner. "The value of bringing visualization to network information flow gives an organization the opportunity to find and remediate issues ranging from broken business processes to security incidents, resulting in much greater protection for their information."

Working out of-the-box with minimal or no configuration involved, an immediate collection of network traffic presents information flow knowledge, allowing customers to automatically have their Fidelis XPS sensors synthesize details of every network flow including sender, recipient, application/protocol, payload content, as well as a variety of other details. The Information Flow Map feature provides a filterable graphical representation of this information, enabling broad views of information flow down to filtered specific views of users, applications, and/or specific information types. By enabling the network "border" function within the solution, the user can search in the desired layers of the network traffic and its resulting content for rouge activities as it enters or leaves the logical perimeter, with the goal of remediating any found problems automatically.

"As the first network security solution with the ability to deliver unified knowledge and control of both network applications and information flow, Fidelis XPS is once again leading the industry in its innovative approach to protecting an organization's most valued information from the damage of data leakage or cyber attacks," said Peter George, President and CEO, Fidelis Security Systems. "The Information Flow Map feature within Fidelis XPS gives the power of context—providing the ultimate benefit for comprehensive information security, compliance, and business optimization within every organization. When organizations have the visibility to know where their information is—and the power to control it—they can prevent data breaches from occurring in the first place."

The Information Flow Map feature is available now on high-performance Fidelis XPS Direct sensors.

About Fidelis Security Systems

Fidelis Security Systems provides organizations with the power to leverage their sensitive information while protecting it from data leakage and cyber attacks. Built on a patented deep session inspection platform, the Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System' is the industry's only next-generation network security solution with the visibility and control necessary to stop data breaches by uniquely working at the session-level. Fidelis enables their government, military, and commercial enterprise customers around the globe to achieve comprehensive information protection in real time on multi-gigabit speed networks—allowing them to protect content, control application activity, enforce encryption policy, and mitigate threats. Learn more about Fidelis Security Systems by visiting

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