eTelemetry's New Locate 5.0 Reduces Need For Manual IP Address

Collaborative device registration system eliminates manual reporting of all devices

July 28, 2010

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Annapolis, MD (July 27, 2010) – eTelemetry, the leader in extracting real-time business information from network activity, today announced a new version of Locate featuring an easy-to-use Collaborative Device Registration System (CDRS) as well as device discovery reporting and dashboard features. The new version 5.0 centralizes and automates network and asset management processes for IT managers, which simplifies security and compliance concerns with complete network device visibility.

By using CDRS, IT departments can save valuable time and resources by housing network asset ownership information in one location. Previously, IT managers manually tracked devices such as printers and “dumb” IP devices and recorded them in spreadsheets, which is a tedious process that is unsecure and prone to errors. CDRS is a Microsoft Active Directory integrated portal that allows Active Directory (A/D) users to register information and claim device ownership by MAC, IP address or host name. In addition, users can export device information from an existing management database and import it easily to Locate 5.0 to centralize all device management data.

“Unmanaged devices create security holes and put enterprises at risk of failing to comply with standards like PCI,” said eTelemetry’s CEO, Ermis Sfakiyanudis. “Having highly-paid members of the IT department walking the halls and recording all devices on the network is a waste of time and money. By centralizing this process and making it available to the extended IT support team through a Microsoft A/D integrated portal, Locate 5.0 alleviates this burden on the IT departments as well as manages compliance concerns once and for all.”

For complete network device visibility, enhanced reporting tools were added to Locate 5.0, including device discovery reporting. Device discovery reporting lists all new devices on the network, outlining when specific devices were first discovered after a given date. Additionally, Locate 5.0 provides full switch port visibility by automatically adding the attached end user’s full name to each switch port’s description.

This new version also features a network dashboard creating a summary report that can be emailed on a recurring basis – further automating and streamlining network management and security. The report summarizes device activity, including active counts per subnet and new or recently moved devices. This is another important feature that supports asset management and network compliance requirements.

Locate 5.0 is available immediately.

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eTelemetry is the leader in extracting real-time business information from network activity. eTelemetry's award-winning products provide life-saving 911 location information, monitor and control employee web surfing, and provide network device identity for security and compliance. Since 2004, eTelemetry has been Turning Network Traffic into Business Intelligence™. For more information, call +1-888-266-6513 or visit

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