Dome9 Unveils Industry First Multi-Cloud Security Groups

Functionality consolidates security management across multiple cloud servers

January 25, 2012

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SAN MATEO, Calif. – Jan. 25, 2012 – Dome9 Security™, the leading provider of cloud security firewall management for public and private clouds, as well as for dedicated and virtual private servers (VPS), today announced it has added a new capability called Dome9 Security Groups – group-based firewall policy management – to its leading cloud security management service. This new functionality consolidates security management across multiple cloud servers and providers with unified policies for unparalleled security management.

An industry first, Dome9 Security Groups lets users apply a single policy across an infinite number of servers and clouds, rather than setting and managing polices for individual servers. The new Security Groups empower administrators to group servers together under a single policy or a set of policies, such as “SSH on-demand for all SQL servers,” to consolidate firewall policy management. Servers can be added to any number of Dome9 Security Groups and moved around as needed, and users can be granted secure access to a single server or all servers within a Dome9 Security Group.

“Security groups are an important way to implement some measure of security control within a cloud environment,” said Andrew Hay, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research. “As no single cloud platform or provider has emerged as the de facto standard, products like Dome9 can help extend an organization’s security policy and centralized management beyond its traditional perimeter regardless of chosen platform.”

Dome9 Security Groups provides group-based policy management across multiple servers and cloud hosting providers. For the first time, enterprises, SMBs and cloud hosting providers can consolidate management of multiple cloud servers under an umbrella Dome9 Security Group. When additional cloud servers are added to a Dome9 Security Group, its policy is automatically inherited from the Group profile. Groups are easy to create and are fully customizable, and support servers spanning multiple service providers and cloud types.

“With Dome9 Security Groups, it’s easy to provide users the access they need, while simplifying cloud security management within and across platforms and cloud providers,” said Zohar Alon, Dome9 Co-Founder and CEO. “No other cloud security provider offers this kind of consolidated management – centralized security management not just across servers, but across clouds. Dome9 has pioneered the centralization and automation of cloud security, and our new Dome9 Security Groups showcases our continued innovation and leadership.”

Dome9 Security is the only cloud security service to automate firewall management for public and private clouds, as well as for dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (VPS), across various platforms. Dome9 closes a critical gap in today’s cloud security – ports such as SSH, RDP, and MYSQL left open so administrators can connect to and manage their cloud servers. This common practice leaves servers vulnerable to hackers who need only guess the correct username and password or exploit any protocol vulnerability to gain unauthorized control of a server. Dome9 secures all administrative ports – for all servers and clouds – enabling secure access, on-demand. Its key innovation is the ability to provide secure access leasing – dynamically generated, time-based secure access to cloud servers – which enables customers to close all server administrative ports by default.

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Pricing and Availability

Dome9 Security Groups is available today in the Dome9 solution. Dome9 is a monthly subscription service with pricing starting at around $20 per server per month. A free, 14-day full-featured trial is available, as is a free personal use plan, which includes support for one server with one administrator.

About Dome9 Security

Dome9, the leader in cloud security management, automates and centralizes firewall management across all servers and clouds. Available for both enterprises and hosting providers, Dome9 supports clouds, VPS, dedicated servers, and Amazon’s EC2 Security Groups, across all major operating systems and service providers. Dome9 is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is venture backed by Opus Capital Ventures. For more information, visit:

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