Dome9 Agent works both for virtual machines in private or public clouds as well as for dedicated servers

May 25, 2011

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TEL AVIV, Israel, May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dome9 Security announces the public availability of their new cloud server security service (, the only secure firewall management platform available for Cloud, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated servers and Amazon's EC2 Security Groups. This unique security-management-as-a-service platform is now available for beta, allowing easy deployment, configuration, and management of security policies using standard operating system security elements.

"Cloud technology has seen extraordinary growth within the hosting industry. With the Dome9 platform, cloud hosting providers can finally offer a scalable service that enables top of the line security for their customers" said Dome9 co-founder and CEO Zohar Alon. "The fact that most hosted cloud servers are protected by just a username and password is alarming. Cloud providers simply can't scale yesterday's hardware-based firewalls to meet cloud demand and pricing trends. Our software-based solution brings a new dimension to server security and allows cloud administrators, providers, and users to take charge of their security, anytime, anywhere."

Dome9 leverages the operating system firewall or the virtualization layer firewall to create a dynamic front-line defense for cloud servers. The heart of the system, Dome9 Central, orchestrates the access to the cloud infrastructure, allowing full control and protection of the environment with ease. Dome9's simple to use interface with built-in best-practices enforcement ensures users build the right security policy for their servers. Using Dome9 Central's secure web service, cloud access can be granted from anywhere and changes are deployed instantly. The lightweight yet powerful Dome9 Agent works both for virtual machines in private or public clouds as well as for dedicated servers, supporting both Linux and Windows servers running all virtualization technologies (including VMware, Citrix XEN, KVM, Parallels & Microsoft's Hyper-V). Dome9 also announces the beta availability of Dome9 Connect, its API based integration module for cloud providers offering security control API. The first release of Connect can be used to manage Amazon's Web Services EC2 & VPC Security Groups, without deploying complex daemons, but by using their API keys.

Dome9 has also announced that it has received Series A funding from Opus Capital, based in Menlo Park, CA. "Dome9's unique technology and security approach provides customers large and small, as well as service providers, a comprehensive security service that dramatically increases the security of cloud infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of yesterday's security solutions," said Dan Avida, General Partner at Opus Capital Ventures. "Cutting edge technology paired with a highly experienced team with a strong background in proving MSPs with firewall solutions makes Dome9 the clear choice for server security."

Hosting providers can improve the overall security of their offerings while also increasing ARPU by offering this value-added server security ( option to their hosting services. Dome9 architecture allows service providers an easy way to offer their users the security they need and require, while at the same time increasing the overall security of the service provider's network itself. Dome 9 is already installed and running on numerous cloud servers, including Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, GoGrid, Servint and more.

"A strong security offering is critical in the adoption of cloud technologies and we're very excited by the enthusiastic response to our offering from both cloud customers and providers," says Alon.

To find out more details about the product, the complete support and the integration options, visit the Dome9 website (

Dome 9, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is led by Zohar Alon, a leading industry expert credited with being a key contributor to the success of Check Point software's service provider business. Dome 9 offers the world's only secure firewall management as a service for all Cloud, VPS, dedicated servers & Amazon's EC2 security groups.

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