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Cyber-Ark Upgrades Privileged Identity Management Suite

Suite includes a new version of Application Identity Manager authentication for App2App environments

September 3, 2009

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NEWTON, Mass. " September 2, 2009 " Cyber-Ark, the leading global software provider for protecting critical applications, identities and information, today announced enhancements to its Privileged Identity Management Suite. The suite includes a new version of its Application Identity Manager that features the most secure and robust authentication methods for App2App environments, resulting in greater compliance, security and corporate accountability while dramatically simplifying large scale projects for eliminating hard-coded passwords.

Cyber-Ark's Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.5 features a rich set of capabilities based on proven, mature technology used by global customers to create security best practices across all types of privileged accounts, including administrative and application identities. New features focus on creating greater efficiencies and process improvements to ensure that privileged accounts are being effectively managed, monitored and controlled in order to address emerging audit requirements and better protect high-value targets such as databases, key operational systems and other sensitive information.

"With the newest version of the Cyber-Ark Privileged Identity Management Suite, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to delivering key performance benefits that optimize our solutions to meet emerging customer requirements. New ease-of-use and process integration features are critical, especially when you consider the challenges many of our customers face as they transition to managing hundreds of thousands of privileged accounts," said Roy Adar, vice president of product management, Cyber-Ark Software. "Additionally, as audit requirements continue to create a significant drag on resources for enterprises of all sizes, enhancements to solutions such as our Application Identity Manager help customers further automate and streamline related compliance processes."

Cyber-Ark's Privileged Identity Management Suite provides customers with a central point of control to achieve exceptional security, streamline updates with enhanced workflows, and ensure compliance with regulations and security policies. The suite features new functionality across its core Enterprise Password Vault', Application Identity Manager and Privileged Session Manager software. Following are detailed performance and ease-of-use enhancements to these solutions.

Application Identity Manager: Multiple Authentication Methods, Greater Accountability Cyber-Ark's Application Identity Manager is the only solution to fully address the challenges of App2App identities, including eliminating hard-coded passwords. The solution also supports compliance with audit regulations for regularly replacing passwords and securely monitoring access across all systems, databases and applications. With this newest version, Cyber-Ark introduces the most secure and robust application authentication methods available on the market.

Compared to existing industry offerings, Cyber-Ark's third generation Application Identity Manager technology offers a more flexible solution that provides multiple authentication methods, creating greater accountability and reliability as well dramatically simplifying large scale deployments. This is important when an organization is tasked with the elimination of hard-coded passwords, for example. Organizations can't just eliminate passwords, they need to be sure the password is authentic " that it's registered and legitimate while carefully and efficiently executing any change management processes. Cyber-Ark ensures that authentication process is thorough, credible and auditable without creating additional steps.

Enterprise Password Vault: New Workflow Features Add Flexibility and Agility Cyber-Ark's Enterprise Password Vault enables organizations to secure, manage, automate and log all activities associated with privileged accounts. In most organizations, policies are used to define and enforce access workflows to privileged accounts, including central change management or emergency access based on ticketing system integrations. New workflow management enhancements allow easy integration with existing processes and create greater flexibility and agility to address current and future workflow questions, as well as different requirements from organizational units. Additionally, managers can better control privileged access down to specific time frames if necessary, resulting in greater security benefits and increased productivity for the IT staff.

Enhancements have also been made to address High Availability/Disaster Recovery requirements creating greater performance benefits that are especially important for large scale implementations, including those ranging from hundreds of thousands " to millions " of privileged accounts under management.

Privileged Session Manager: New Remote Sharing Benefits for Day-to-Day Use Introduced with the launch of the Privileged Identity Management Suite v5, Cyber-Ark's Privileged Session Manager provides the only fully integrated and centralized solution for securing, controlling and monitoring privileged access by administrators and third party vendors to target machines and sensitive systems. Enhancements allow for greater ease-of-implementation for users, and include simplified file sharing between the end-user desktop and remote device during a privileged session for improving ease of day-to-day use.

Pricing and Availability The Cyber-Ark Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.5 is available now. The Enterprise Password Vault, Application Identity Manager and Privileged Session Manager are off-the-shelf solutions that can be purchased separately, or together as the full Suite. For more information about pricing, please contact [email protected] or call +1 (888) 808-9005 (domestic U.S.) or +1 (617) 965-1544 (international).

About Cyber-Ark Cyber-Ark' Software is a global information security company that specializes in protecting highly-sensitive enterprise data, restricted user and application accounts to improve compliance, productivity and protect organizations against insider threats. With its award-winning Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Highly-Sensitive Information Management software, organizations can more effectively manage and govern application access while demonstrating returns on security investments. Cyber-Ark works with 600 global customers, including more than 35 percent of the Fortune 50. Headquartered in Newton, Mass., Cyber-Ark has offices and authorized partners in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit www.cyber-ark.com.

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