Critical Watch Launches Security Analytics Technology

Active Countermeasure Intelligence unifies and automates security management

February 28, 2012

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at the RSA' Conference 2012 in San Francisco, California, Critical Watch launched their next generation security analytics technology called Active Countermeasure Intelligence (ACI). The first and only solution of its kind, ACI unifies the elements of risks, articulates the attributes of those risks, and intelligently maps them to the most effective countermeasures to enable action. With a foundation built on big data and leveraging the latest in flexible web services architecture it fuses innovative risk analytics with intelligent automation to deliver true enterprise security intelligence.

ACI is a patent-pending platform that consists of a Countermeasure Intelligence Engine(TM) (CIE) to deliver powerful Recommendation Analytics based on various risk-to-countermeasure taxonomies. The CIE is fed risk information from a series of Risk Collection Agents that extract data from input sources in an enterprise environment like network scanners, SAST/ DAST tools and malware detection solutions. Countermeasure Control Agents put the Recommendation Analytics into action by orchestrating automated policy workflows that perform the desired mitigation tasks on countermeasure devices.

Countermeasure Intelligence modules present Insight Views by risk and by solution. These Views enable users to construct and model risk scenarios based on a series of parameters then compare them to the countermeasures installed in their environment as well as view applicable countermeasures they may not own. They also can predict how changing countermeasure settings or installing new countermeasures will affect their overall risk posture. ACI Visualization Maps provide a synthesized view of which countermeasures will have the greatest impact on reducing risk. They can be applied globally or to a defined subset of risk and threat parameters. The result of these capabilities is to transform disparate, siloed data into a synthesized understanding of risk and enable a coordinated, automated response.

"We're at a point in the security industry where we have to start turning data into real insight that enables confident action. Too often security teams are forced to act with imperfect or even incorrect information. This only results in error, inefficiency and higher costs to manage risk. ACI is a true enterprise intelligence platform that will answer the need for unified, more automated security management," said David Laizerovich, CEO of Critical Watch.

Critical Watch's ACI technology is a flexible software platform designed to be integrated into leading SIEM, ITGRC and protection device platforms to deliver next generation risk management capability to solution providers.

About Critical Watch

Critical Watch is the innovator of Active Countermeasure Intelligence – next generation information security that combines comprehensive risk intelligence with active mitigation. Its power is in the ability to converge a higher level understanding of risk across the information stack and immediately initiate mitigation on the appropriate countermeasure solutions as a unified, defense-in-depth action plan. Critical Watch clients are Global 2000 enterprises across verticals such as healthcare, financial services, state and local government, ecommerce and manufacturing. ACI enables organizations to:

Unify the elements of risk Understand the unique attributes of risks Intelligently map those risks to the most effective countermeasures to enable action

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