CloudPassage Delivers Elastic Cloud Server Security Within The Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace cloud customers will have access to the CloudPassage software-as-a-service security solution

June 25, 2011

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CloudPassage, Inc., a pioneering security SaaS company, today announced they have entered into the Cloud Tools Program with Rackspace' Hosting, (NYSE: RAX), the world's leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry.

Through this relationship, Rackspace cloud customers will have access to the CloudPassage software-as-a-service security solution, which can manage cloud security by leveraging a single solution that is purpose-built for the cloud and delivers multiple layers of defense for cloud servers.

"Security and compliance remain major challenges that stop companies from experiencing the benefits that the tremendous scalability and agility of cloud hosting provides," said Carson Sweet, co-founder and CEO of CloudPassage. "Securing the server itself in an automated, portable, and elastic manner represents an extremely effective approach to practical survivability in public and hybrid clouds. We are excited to work with Rackspace to provide more value to their customers by transparently and portably protecting servers within the Rackspace Cloud."

Server-level security protection is critical in the cloud where front-line perimeter defenses are limited. Customers deploying cloud infrastructure in many environments are largely on their own to protect themselves, which makes strong and highly automated host-based controls essential.

"Rackspace is excited to have CloudPassage as a member of the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program, our ecosystem of powerful software and cloud solution providers, "said Nishan Sivathasan, director of corporate development for Rackspace. "The CloudPassage security solution offers Rackspace customers an additional layer of security that is designed to be cloud-capable and elastic through its delivery model."

CloudPassage technology is built from the ground up to provide elastic security by automatically delivering security visibility and controls when cloud servers burst or are cloned. Once security is set up on one server, all copies of that server created later will automatically inherit its security controls.

About CloudPassage

CloudPassage is a security SaaS company offering the industry's first and only server security and compliance solutions purpose-built for elastic cloud environments. The company addresses the technical challenges of securing highly dynamic cloud hosting environments where consistent physical location, network control and perimeter security are not guaranteed. The company's Halo cloud server security product offers high-accuracy server security configuration and vulnerability management, centralized management of host-based firewalls and server account auditing for Linux servers. The innovative capabilities of the Halo platform operate across infrastructure models and seamlessly handle cloud server bursting, cloning, and migration.

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