Breach Security Launches WebDefend 4.0

New release features real-time application performance monitoring and innovative attack protection

October 8, 2009

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CARLSBAD, CALIF, October 6, 2009 --Breach Security, Inc., the leader in web application integrity, security and PCI compliance, today announced the release of WebDefend 4.0. With this release, WebDefend is the only solution on the market to offer comprehensive web application security coupled with real-time web application performance monitoring to provide IT teams with a complete picture of web application health. This unique feature set provides unmatched security against malicious users and other threats against web applications, while also ensuring positive end-user experiences and successful transactions for legitimate web-based customers.

WebDefend 4.0 also includes breakthrough enhancements in application security monitoring, analysis and control, and a new dashboard that offers a real-time security overview of protected applications along with the status of all systems in a WebDefend deployment.

Breach Security's new web application performance monitoring provides users with real-time visibility into the performance of their web applications. With the new WebDefend 4.0, IT operators can track aggregate end-user experience and report service levels by providing real-time visibility into:

* Site and URL level availability * URL and session-level transaction speeds * URL and session-level error rates

WebDefend monitors every transaction in a web application environment and quickly detects key problem areas—such as the top 10 URLs with poor availability, slow speeds and high error rates. Application errors can be identified and logged in detail, including full HTTP or HTTPs requests and any associated errors in web server responses. WebDefend also allows IT operators to track HTTP and HTTPs bandwidth utilized by specific web sites, enabling capacity planning and internal charge backs associated with specific web applications.

Additionally, the new WebDefend enables service provider environments and third party technologies to offer detailed application-layer monitoring and analysis by delivering the web application firewall industry's most information rich security events through flexible integration. "BT's Managed Security Solutions Group has integrated WebDefend's detailed web attack information and analytics to create a web application firewall monitoring service with unparalleled real-time application security insight and analysis," said Toby Weir-Jones, vice president of product development, BT Managed Security Solutions Group. BT is one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services, operating in 170 countries.

Other features in WebDefend 4.0 include:

* Enhanced Learning Engine—The Adaption engine in the new WebDefend provides more granular policy control and detailed analysis of anomalous traffic, automatically relearns HTTP constraints along with the existing information it profiles, and relearns about individual web application parameters. The new enhancements help organizations identify zero-day and targeted attacks, eliminate false positives resulting from application changes, and block with confidence. * System-level Dashboard—From one screen, users have real-time visibility into security incidents, WebDefend events, and system information, such as concurrent HTTP and HTTPS connections being monitored by their WebDefend deployment.

"Our customers are concerned with securing their web environments and delivering an optimum end-user experience that is not marred by broken links, session time-outs and other issues that prevent the successful completion of web transactions," said Brett Wilson, VP product management and global business development for Breach Security. "WebDefend 4.0 is the only solution available that automatically relearns applications as they change in production with no manual intervention, ensuring continuous protection, reducing false positives and providing unmatched insight into the protected web application environment. With this new release, IT teams can more quickly identify and repair web application problems, allowing enterprises to reduce costs and increase the return on investment in their web application environments."

About WebDefend

WebDefend is an advanced web application security solution that offers customized, behavior-based analysis for each protected application. Only WebDefend uses a patented profiling system and multiple, collaborative detection engines to ensure the flow of business-critical traffic while supplying complete protection for applications to keep the organizations' confidential information safe from targeted attacks. WebDefend uniquely provides non-intrusive, effective security for multi-application environments while continuing to provide full blocking capabilities. In 2008, WebDefend has been praised for its accurate attack detection and prevention, ease-of-use, performance and targeted Payment Card Industry features in reviews by major industry publications including SC Magazine and Information Security magazine.

About Breach Security

Breach Security, Inc. is the leading provider of real-time, continuous web application integrity, security and compliance that protects sensitive web-based information. Breach Security's products protect web applications from hacking attacks and data leakage, and ensure applications operate as intended. The company's products are trusted by thousands of organizations around the world, including leaders in finance, healthcare, ecommerce, travel and government. For more information, please visit

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