BigFix Offers 10% Discount In The Spirit Of IT Dinosaur Awards

Upgrade program offers enterprise IT organizations 10 percent off the quoted renewal cost of incumbent security and systems management software solutions

February 10, 2010

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Emeryville, Calif.— February 9, 2010

News Facts

  • BigFix, Inc. today announced a competitive upgrade program that offers enterprise IT organizations 10 percent off the quoted renewal cost of incumbent security and systems management software solutions.

    • The automatic discount aims to choke off the IT dinosaurs' consumption of customer cash at a time when IT organizations question every dollar spent on solutions of dubious effectiveness.

    • A broad segment of BigFix products qualify for the discount, including the company's industry leading solutions for Asset Discovery, Patch Management, Power Management, Security Configuration Management, Software Asset Management, Software Distribution, and Vulnerability Management.

    • BigFix offers the competitive upgrade discount both to direct sales customers and through its growing network of reseller partners.

      Background Information

    • The competitive upgrade program, taking inspiration from BigFix's 2010 IT Dinosaur Awards, comes at a time when enterprise organizations increasingly question the cost, complexity, and effectiveness of antiquated approaches to mission-critical systems and security management services.

    • The IT industry has been hit by a double whammy of recession-driven budget pressures and the sinking feeling that legacy information security measures are no match for the latest waves of attacks and breaches.

    • The BigFix competitive upgrade program offers the double benefit of moving up to a demonstrably superior solution set at a better price.

    • More importantly, BigFix requires significantly less supporting resources than competing solutions. The BigFix Unified Management Platform can maintain effective communications with widely-distributed managed endpoints over as little as 8 Kb bandwidth connections. A single BigFix Server—usually a generic "Wintel" blade server—can manage up to 250,000 endpoints. At the endpoint, a single BigFix Agent can execute policies covering the full range of BigFix systems management and security services. Customers can truly do more with less.

      BigFix Management Comment

      David Appelbaum, senior vice president of marketing for BigFix, said, "IT dinosaurs have dominated the ecosystem for eons, but as the IT management and security climate changes, we're all learning just how fragile and ill-equipped they are to deal with life in the 21st century. Solutions in use today were simply not built for the challenges that have become standard fare for IT organizations. Architecturally, they're too heavy, require too much feeding—both in supporting IT resources and cash—and their effectiveness is only as good as their ability to operate within a distinct perimeter. Given the worldwide migration to globally distributed infrastructures with significant proportions of mobile devices, archaic dinosaur-era systems are simply doomed to extinction."

      BigFix Versus Legacy Systems

    • BigFix technologies, products, and solutions provide a single pane of glass to see and operate essential systems management and security services in enterprise IT infrastructures.

    • The company's products operate in a wide variety of operating environments including Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux, and mobile devices.

    • The BigFix ecosystem succeeds by distributing security and management responsibilities to the computing devices themselves, using the intelligent BigFix Agent to provide real-time visibility and control anytime, anywhere, which is simply not possible using legacy solutions.

    • BigFix advantages include speed, high performance, flexibility and scalability, and ease of use, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs associated with the legacy systems and security management.

      Information Resources

    • BigFix Competitive Upgrade Program:

    • BigFix 2010 IT Dinosaur Video Contest:

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      About BigFix

      Founded in 1997, the BigFix', Inc. solutions support a global portfolio of A-list organizations in government, finance, retail, educational, industrial and public utility sectors. BigFix revolutionizes IT infrastructure management by replacing fragmented collections of single-purpose tools with the industry's only unified visibility and control architecture that consolidates up to 18 security, IT compliance, decision support, and green computing functions. For more information, visit, follow BigFix on Twitter @BigFix, or stay in touch on the BigFix Facebook page,

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