Aveksa Unveils Access Fulfillment Express

AFX provides a new approach to access fulfillment

October 19, 2011

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Waltham, Mass.—October 17, 2011— Aveksa, the leading provider of enterprise Access Governance automation solutions, today introduced Access Fulfillment Express (AFX™), a new fulfillment solution designed to help enterprises more efficiently and cost-effectively fulfill access changes, such as those stemming from employee on-boarding and off-boarding, employee transfers, and access reviews.

AFX provides a new approach to access fulfillment rather than relying on traditional heavyweight and proprietary provisioning system integration, Aveksa’s solution is based on an open-source enterprise service bus with a published message format and an open source adapter model. With this approach, enterprises have the freedom to integrate with or migrate from existing provisioning infrastructures, the ability to leverage the open source partner ecosystem, and the confidence that they’re not locked in to a proprietary, vendor-specific solution.

In addition to being based on an open source foundation, Aveksa’s AFX also delivers an innovative architecture uniquely providing a clean separation of business logic from integration logic. This enables customers to embark on an Access Governance-driven fulfillment model and take ownership of integration without having to rely on heavy customization or expensive vendor services.

Traditional provisioning systems combine business and integration logic into a single, tightly-bound system, scoped only to the endpoints to which it is connected. As a result, customer integration with business applications and processes has typically required extensive analysis, modeling, and adjustment. This complex integration approach has proven difficult, labor-intensive, and expensive.

In contrast, Aveksa’s AFX separates business logic from integration logic, enabling the definition and execution of access policies, roles, and workflows from a centralized, business perspective using automation. This enables the creation of business roles and rules, defining who should have access to what, across all enterprise application and data resources — independent of the mechanics of integration.

Enterprises are increasingly frustrated with seemingly never-ending provisioning projects, with more and more organizations looking for a suitable alternative approach. According to Gartner, “The inherent length and complexity of user-provisioning programs, combined with implementation "horror stories," is at the heart of a notable trend.” [source: Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning, 30 September 2010, Perry Carpenter and Earl Perkins]

Because Aveksa AFX leverages an open integration approach, access-related fulfillment can be automated without the heavy cost and effort typically associated with traditional provisioning approaches. AFX provides enterprises with the following benefits:

Rapid deployment with an emphasis on configuration rather than custom coding

Elimination of the typical multi-year software development effort associated with provisioning projects

Ability to extend access change fulfillment beyond the architectural restrictions of traditional provisioning solutions to external, cloud-based systems

Ability to provide a single, consistent access provisioning model for changes to both coarse-grained entitlements such as accounts, groups and application roles, as well fine-grained entitlements that relate to transactions within applications

Reduced complexity since the business logic for access management decisions is entirely governance-driven

Reduced cost and effort for executing access changes

Assurance of enterprise control due to open-source foundation

With AFX, enterprises can connect to existing provisioning systems (thus leveraging the investments they’ve made), while significantly reducing future investments required to connect a wider set of enterprise applications.

“Conventional approaches to identity and access change fulfillment require complex provisioning integration projects, which typically result in long deployment times and demand significant internal resources and costs," said Deepak Taneja, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Aveksa. “With our new AFX solution, Aveksa is dramatically simplifying access fulfillment. AFX, together with Aveksa’s Access Request and Access Certification solutions, provide enterprises with a nimble and efficient way to automate changes stemming from identity and access lifecycle events. The end result is that customers can now achieve better, more automated fulfillment, with simpler and faster deployments.”

“We welcome Aveksa’s announcement and believe that it will have a significant impact on the Identity Management market,” said Binod Singh, President and CEO at ILANTUS Technologies. “As an experienced Identity Management firm, we’ve performed numerous customer implementations, and have dealt with the complexity of provisioning systems. Aveksa’s innovative AFX solution can lead to the emergence of an entirely new approach, greatly simplifying the Identity Management services lifecycle.”

In addition to the integration bus, AFX includes out-of-box adapters provided by Aveksa, as well as a toolkit for customers to take on ownership in creation of endpoint adapters in an efficient and economical way.

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