Armorize Rolls Out HackAlert 3.0

Provides real-time detection and alarms for Zero Day malware hidden in websites and online advertisements

May 26, 2010

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SANTA CLARA, CA — May 25, 2010 — Armorize Technologies today announced its expansion into the United States and the availability of HackAlert™ 3.0. HackAlert 3.0 is a cloud-based monitoring service that scans websites and detects malware and Zero Day threats through behavioral, signature-based and blacklisted malware detection and analysis. HackAlert provides real-time detection and alarms for Zero Day malware hidden in websites and online advertisements, providing comprehensive security that protects World Wide Web users from drive-by downloads, websites from malware injection, and from being flagged by Google as a malware-infected site. The APAC region is ground zero for the development of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated malware, and for four years major Asian enterprises have relied upon HackAlert to defend hundreds of thousands of websites against malware injection and to protect millions of customers against drive-by downloads. With Armorize’s expansion, U.S. enterprises, hosting providers, website security seal providers, and managed security service providers will have access to the APAC-tested HackAlert service.

“Drive-by-downloads occur when end-users visit malware-infected websites and unknowingly download intrusive software into their computers that can be used by hackers to siphon off sensitive personal and corporate information. Undetected malware on a high-traffic website could cause millions of drive-by downloads, lead to brand damage, and destroy customer relationships,” said Dan Blum, senior vice

president and principal analyst with Burton Group (recently acquired by Gartner, Inc.). “Organizations that want to protect their brands, bottom lines and customer relationships must find ways to defend their Web applications against malware injection and their customers from becoming drive-by download victims.”

“As one of Japan’s largest hosting providers, GMO HOSTING & SECURITY is responsible for the security of around 100,000 client websites and for protecting millions of their visitors against drive-by downloads,” said Mitsuru Aoyama, GMO-HS president and CEO. “HackAlert has withstood the test of the highly volatile Japanese Internet arena, and its cloud-based delivery model provides measurable ROI while improving operational efficiency. We will continue to rely on the HackAlert Zero Day malware monitoring and alarm service to provide our clients with assurance that their Web applications will be defended against malware injection and their customers protected against drive-by downloads.”

“The ‘acid-test’ environment that APAC provides has proven Armorize can effectively deliver integrated security solutions that can defend Web applications against virtually all types of malware attacks. With over 1,00O Alexa top-ranked websites registered in the US infected with malware, our U.S. launch should come as a welcome relief as end-users and large corporate entities struggle to cope with the growing problem of drive-by downloads,” said Caleb Sima, Armorize CEO. “Now that we have established ourselves as the leading Web application security services provider in Asia, it is time to expand our sphere of influence with support for the U.S. market.”

New features and benefits delivered by HackAlert 3.0:

Cloud-Based API — The HackAlert 3.0 cloud-based API enables channel partners, VARs and resellers to improve and expand their Web application security services to include malware monitoring , alerting and remediation without having to invest in on-premise software or manage deployments, upgrades or patches. With this model, partners can direct-sell the HackAlert service, rebrand it or integrate it to power their own service on the back end.

Hybrid Analysis — HackAlert 3.0 incorporates behavioral, signature-based and blacklisted malware detection and analysis, providing the most comprehensive and accurate way to detect malware infection, Zero Day threats and drive-by downloads.

Intelligent Malware Evasion Detection — HackAlert 3.0 agents recognize evasion mechanisms that enable intelligent malware to avoid detection by traditional malware scanning solutions. Through Intelligent Malware Evasion Detection, HackAlert identifies the most sophisticated and advanced malware before it has been assigned signatures or been blacklisted or activated.

International Data Center Deployment — HackAlert 3.0 analysis engines are distributed globally, located in data centers in Asia, Europe and North America to ensure 100 percent uptime.

Armorize is uniquely positioned to deter malware injection and prevent drive-by downloads based on the historical success the company has had with HackAlert, its leadership team and achieved milestones. Its leadership includes CEO Sima, co-founder and CTO Wayne Huang, and co-founder and COO Matt Huang. Sima, recognized as a pioneer in the Web application security field, founded SPI Dynamics and built it into the industry’s most successful Web application security company prior to its acquisition by HP. Sima went on to become chief technologist for the HP Appsec Security Center. SPI Dynamics set the bar in application security testing, and Sima will now use his knowledge and expertise in business and security to lead Armorize to become the new leader in the Web application security market. CTO Huang is a published author and recognized application security expert. As a driving force behind the advanced HackAlert technology he has led product development efforts to establish HackAlert as the most effective cloud-based solution that provides comprehensive protection against malware, Zero Day threats and drive-by downloads. Since Armorize's inception, COO Huang has been leading business-development efforts that have secured the trust of hundreds of major Asian enterprises and investors, including an impressive B-round investment from the firm established by Skype’s founding engineers, Ambient Sound Investments.

HackAlert successes and validation points include providing integrated malware monitoring services for one of the world’s leading Internet infrastructure and secure transaction providers. To date, HackAlert has identified and deterred millions of malware attacks, identified countless Zero Day threats and protected millions of website visitors from drive-by downloads. The company holds two patents pending, has more than 120 customers and protects more than 200,000 enterprise-class websites.

Pricing and Availability

HackAlert 3.0 will be available starting June 1. Pricing varies and is based on the number of URLs monitored and scanning frequency. The HackAlert 3.0 service will be available as a free online trial at and through direct sales by calling 408-216-7893 Ext 213

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